LOOK! I keep crying out, ‘Violence!’ but I get no answer; I keep crying for help, but there is no justice. My very path he has blocked with a stone wall, and I cannot pass over; and upon my roadways he puts darkness itself. My own brothers he has put far away from me, and those known by me have themselves forgotten me. Words echoed by one of my ancestors–Job, proved to being my own sentiments silently echoes as I deal with some around me and in my business circle. Ignorant to this fact: they are guided by deceptive thoughts of what they read, implanted by Satan’s manipulation and observation of what they see; are blinded to what is injustice and know no balance in actions they take toward others. Their own unbalance actions that place them within a group of the mentally insane; they capture those innocents into their weaved web of violence.

THIS story I am about to tell is reflected from a movie I viewed just recently, something I touched on in my memoir about some within society not given the love so needed from infancy is the reason for their disrespectful and violent attitude toward others in society.

I enjoyed playing the game Monopoly, although it was just a game, I knew the life lesson it taught, but this movie really pushed home the point, of all we struggle and fight each other to achieve, in the end leaves the question, What now? or What in life really matters?

TAUGHT by his grandmother how to play Monopoly, one summer he played Monopoly almost everyday, all day long until he became so good at the game; he learnt the only way to win is to make a total commitment to acquisition. He came to understand that money and possession, that’s the way to achieve scores that he became ruthless in the way he played against her. But she had one more thing to teach him once the game was over. She says to him, “”Now it all goes back in the box, all those houses and hotels, railroads, and utility companies, all that property and all that wonderful money, now it all goes back in the box. None of it was really yours, you got heated up over it for a while, but it was around a long time before you sat down at the board, and it will be here after you are gone, players come, and players go. Houses, cars, title, and clothes.”” And here is the punch, “”It all goes back into the box.””

YES, that’s the way of life. I have experience from my own family situations the wicked things some do to achieve what another has worked hard to acquire. However, this very thing most forget, that we are here for a time, a time to Learn, to Love, to Laugh, to Rebuild, to Live, to Forgive, and to Die. However, like Satan, the father of lies many are emotionally aroused by putting others through a struggle to achieve and like animals–kill–their brothers. We all have a limit of tolerance, and when pushed to that limit we become violent and abusive towards those who have been violent towards us, and even to those innocents. This is when those in authority need to take corrective steps towards that one who is violent. This is what is lacking in society; because the belief is…and practice is, crime creates business.

PEOPLE, wake up and stand firm against those you deal with as you battle with your truths in a respectful and insightful manner. For many in these times are controlled by their emotional gratification the Devil knows all well how to motivate.

I strongly recommend looking at this movie. Its quite long but you will come away with much insight. The movie could be access on YouTube.

FEEL free to start a dialogue of your take away.

  • Movie title: ZEITGEIST. Focuses on Monetary-Market Economics.
  • Genre: Documentary–Independent–Drama.
  • Director: Peter Joseph.
  • Time: 2:41:15

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