Consequence of actions

THOUGHTS moves to action, Action produces results, and with the results comes consequences for good or bad.

We need to filter our thoughts.  Thoughts that trigger negative emotions.  When we encounter actions of others that provoke negative thoughts which move to express actions, one then need to grab a hold of self, to control out-burst of actions that will lead to bad conclusions.  Being patient with self as you ponder the action of others will lead to good conclusions on both sides.  War is with those who do not see the impeding danger of their actions.  Selfishness has tied itself around them and the end is not good even for those who are innocent.

The Canadian truckers protest is an example of what happens when sight is blinded, and passion over rules logic. The situation offers a reminder of the fragility of the  global supply chains to and from businesses that eventually affects individuals; and of the deep interdependence of the U.S. and Canadian economies, which exchange millions in imports and exports daily.

This pandemic and the Public Health restrictions that came with it, have brought together a number of disparate movements and ideologies.  And though the mandate applies to truckers crossing the U.S. border and not all truckers, “some are taking sides with the truckers’ convoy as has one Paul Aubue, a 64-year-old grandfather of a trucking company protesting the recent vaccine mandate and the vaccine passport.”

Locals who are frustrated, fed up, and at times in fear of leaving their homes are against the sustained protest.  “One local who give her name as Jennifer was called “”’a dumb cunt sheep’”” for wearing a mask says, “”I’m just done with those people.”” 

And that is what some siding with the convoy protesting wants—fear; fear, that will deter the actions of logic to good health, and back to a thriving  economy.

The government’s drastic measures are a sad one. But, at times to inject order and peace, drastic measures must be taken.  The truckers’ play on words of Trudeau’s father, is shallow thinking.  

Quotes from—The Guardian.com

Link: www.theguardian.om/world/2022Feb/16/ottawa-blockaid-strong-ties-extremists



The other day, I stumbled on a free movie on YouTube titled The Good Neighbor, a thriller released in 2016. The film is about two friends whose idea turned into an experiment with an elderly single man whose wife died of cancer; lived alone across the street. The movie is interesting and a bit funny; it shows humans’ tendency to push themselves and others beyond their limits. Left to an individual’s free will to stop whenever desired, it is not the same when being driven by another to your victory, that is theirs indirectly. This movie, however, was not a victory for the elderly neighbor in competition of a game. Secret intentions of one friend’s abusive family past injected into the experiment resulted in the psychological effect on the neighbor to the point of delusion that led to his death.

The movie is given a thumbs up for its written content. A thumbs down for the lack of self-control and mental balance neither of the characters were forced to show the other. Sending the message what is done in the dark is all well and good. And that was not all; the conclusion displayed how juries are often misled by the rule of law, which releases criminals back into society and places those innocent of crimes behind bars.

The Good Neighbor reflects similar situations I presently endure within my building unit. I became suspicious on the first day of requesting cable service and being denied. After pleading my case with the company, I told them that what happened with the previous tenant had nothing to do with me. I was later approved to be given service. This was between 2006 and 2007 when I moved up to a new unit in the building.

While I was busy trying to meet my responsibilities, I often came home to find lights left on due to me coming in late at nights to find them off. I know it happens to the best of us; we become forgetful at times. In my book Until My Dying Day, I touched on memory loss due to Transient global amnesia, which is a sudden loss of memory one can recover from within 24 hours. Most suffer from this type of memory loss, and long-term memory is similar in nature.

Getting back to the point of discussion. While the reoccurring incidents continued, I started to monitor the situation and myself. Another reason for the Chapter in my book: You watching me, watching you, which is also the title topic of a Facebook post of mine. However, while monitoring the situation, I discovered my memory was indeed in tip-top shape. Laugh-out-loud. The laugh was on the ones responsible for their wicked deeds. They did not stop with the lights; they were trying to send my mind into mental chaos, for at other times, the unit door would be unlocked in coming home. On many occasions, call for the building security and police showed me as forgetful. Situations became so stressful at home, with business associates, and socially that I began isolating myself from others. I was partly thankful for a pandemic restricting outdoor activities and social gatherings.

Once in a while, I must leave the unit for a part-time job I am fortunate to still hold. However, this year has seen me less often at work due to suffering from a painful rick and overly tiredness. Now, more advanced in ways of manipulation, they are into my computer’s work and sounds within the unit at times. The Good Neighbor is up-in-your-face bold aggression of those unaware of their illness. An illness known as Conduct Disorder. It is a mental disorder of childhood or adolescence characterized by repetitive and persistent violations of the rights of others and of social norms and rules. This includes bullying, aggressive, or threatening behavior towards people and animals, deliberate destruction of property, deceitfulness, or theft, with the behavior causing significant impairment in social, academic, or occupational functioning.

The good book advises in Matthew 5: 44 that I should keep praying for those who are my enemies, which I continue to do. With the question: when will they stop my Lord!

Reality and Fantasies

I wish I hadn’t broke that dish, I wish I was a movie-star. I wish a lot of things, I wish That life was like the movies are. -A.P HERBERT, It May Be Life, But Ain’t it Slow?

Bible read: Matthew chapter 5


From my family’s situation comes this post.  Observation from a few visits after years of separation; her immigrating to the United States and me to Canada.  Visits to her home caused me to see how her environment and the people within it shaped her way of thinking, actions, and perceptions.  Subconsciously unknown, she had developed some of the illnesses and disorders this post addresses that affect so many today within society because of lack of treatment, knowledge, and drug abuse.

Many around the globe daily flee their land of birth or migrate to another country to restart their life.  In doing so they embrace new environments, new cultures, new beliefs, new laws, and different behaviors from where they came from.  Life especially for grownups is an adaptation in learning new things and teaching their young ones who are more apt to move with the flow, how to fit into a society different from where they are coming from.  However, years within your new environment working and living among its people can unconsciously take a toll on your system, especially when faced with challenging situations that bring the onset of unknown illnesses and disorders never heard of before.  Such as Bipolar symptoms, Autism, Psychotic behaviors, and weakening of the nerves; a list that could include other conditions.  With these illnesses or symptoms, it is not unusual to find some within a society whose level of tolerance is not the same as yours and whose approach or actions confuses you to comment: What is your problem? Or in conversation: He/ she has a problem?


There’s no doubt that our healthcare within Canada and countries abroad are bogged-down with overworked nurses and doctors that proper healthcare is not given.  As Ontario continues to grow, we need better access to important social services that are not seen as of 2022.  Doug Ford’s latest tweet on Twitter on August 16, stated that his government hired over 10,500 healthcare workers in 2020, and on top of those 4,500 net new nurses were added to the system.  Yet there is an overwhelming concern among the public as many hospitals has patients still experiencing long wait periods for emergency surgery, and overcrowded emergency room.

Therefore, it is up to you, me; collectively, we become knowledgeable on types of disorders and illnesses, in order to protect ourselves while we accommodate each other.  Not all these disorders and illnesses mention above are heredity; many are from our environment, and the people we associate with.  Knowledge from which your circumstances stem gives a cure to your mental and physical body’s health.  The sooner attention is given to your circumstances the faster you can navigate your reaction to mental perceived comments from others, seen appearances, or actions of others. 

BIPOLAR disorder—manic depression, is a mental illness that causes shifts in moods, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.  With this disorder, many genes are involved and no one gene can cause the disorder.  Research at San Francisco VA Medical Center indicates bipolar disorder progressively damages the brain. – May 6, 2003.

Symptoms experienced are uniquely personal, and are overwhelming joy, excitement, happiness, huge energy, and reduced need for sleep.

A parent or sibling with bipolar disorder are highly stressed and tend to abuse drug and alcohol.

PSYCHOTIC disorders are severe mental disorders that cause abnormal thinking and perception.

Symptoms—delusions and hallucinations—are two main symptoms affecting an individual’s reaction to others within society as a feeling of paranoia and suspicion is present.  With this mental distorted perception, they withdraw from family, friends, and loved ones.  There is a sudden drop in school, work, or job performance.  And there is a disinterest in personal grooming.

Triggers and episodes are from physical illness or injury.  People with schizophrenia—a mental disorder that causes hallucination and delusions, and bipolar disorder experiencing high fever, head injury, or lead or mercury poisoning may hear or see things.  And not knowing how to control their reaction during an episode will tend to be violent or abusive.

AUTISM spectrum disorder is a neurological and developmental disorder that affects how people interact with others, communicate, learn, and behave.  This disorder can be diagnosed at any age and is described as a ‘developmental disorder’ because symptoms generally appear in the first two years of life.

Signs of this disorder is noted in the child not responding to their name; avoiding eye contact; not smiling when you smile at them; not talking as much as other children, or getting upset by certain smells, taste, or sighted objects.

WEAKEN NERVES is due to deficiencies in nutrients such as B6 and B12 vitamins.  Damage can be caused by excessive alcohol ingestion or develop after gastric surgery.

Signs of weakened nerves are dropping of objects; muscle weakness in arms or legs; numbness or tingling in the hands or feet; sharp pains in hands, arms, legs, or feet.

Healing is within 6-12 weeks once rested, but there are things a person can do to maintain strength, and that are regular exercise; getting plenty of sleep; lots of sunlight; watching your diet, and a meditation routine. 


These listed illnesses and disorders mentioned earlier are not all heredity, our environment, and those we associate with can be the cause.  Knowledge helps in how well we are able to communicate and handle other peoples’ actions or reactions to what say to them.  In my book—Until My Dying Day—I touched briefly on the observation of my family’s situation that stemmed from some of the people my sister, with dealt.  Her profession was in real estate.  Managing a business can be stressful, and having to deal with people whose callous attitude toward their responsibility interjects into your financial health, a situation that causes stress becomes manic depression.

Those whose genetic makeup is like mine, who are spiritually active during their visions or dreams—known as Astro-travel–that experience physical damage; it comes to this—the type of exercise implemented into your daily routine or choice of sport needs careful selection, along with a healthy balanced diet.  Daily or weekly meditation along with outdoor activities helps with mental focus.  You, also need to educate yourself, foremost on God’s word which gives light to understanding people, and the spiritual realm.  Research on the type of disorders, and illnesses, as you watch how your body reacts to the environment.

I knew of a married brother in my religious organization whose wife suffered physically for years due to the environment—informed by their doctor—having to move to another province.  I do not know of her condition due to not having any contact since told of his decision to move; hope that she is in good health.

This incident is mentioned to prove the importance of becoming aware of our environment, its people, and those we have in our lives, as the cause of depression, stress, disorders, or illnesses is sought; before consulting doctors for treatment or drugs that may help, if not physically or psychologically damage you.

Sometimes all it takes for good health, peace, and joy is to eliminate certain foods and people from our lives.

WITH MUCH THANKS I hope you, who took the time to read this post are enlightened on how best to adapt to your environment, and its people by first looking at your own circumstances




With life comes change. If you want to change your life you change your thinking.

THERE’S a myth about finding wealth out of one’s own backyard.  Truth is, daily the universe speaks to us, and as a writer, by looking around my area there is always stories to tell.  We just have to be attentive to look around where one, [you] are to finding the wealth claim to be out of your own backyard.

I wrote in my book Until My Dying Day about holding true to one’s profession, for pretending to be that which you are not, not only endanger the lives of others, but in the end damages [your] own reputation in the eyes of those who looked at you for what you claim to be.  I also touched on what the sense of smells conveys to me to be true in my circumstances.

On Thursday, July twenty-first in morning while preparing things in my room before heading out to work, I heard voices outside my window, and was moved by curiosity to investigate.  I observe a couple, (man and woman) the woman searching through the garbage while the man stands in the position of a guard—without his staff—reminding me of a gift received from a cleaner who worked for a company I once worked.  For hours she was in the garbage bins searching for what either one had mistakenly thrown away, for when I had completed a shower and gotten dressed, she was seen still searching; the man had not seen.

With entertained thoughts from occurring dreams during the night that had me woke very tired, I struggle to maintain a positive outlook as I dance with the music life chose to play for me.  This brings me to the topic of languages.


There are over 7,100 languages spoken in the world today.  Each one making the world a diverse and beautiful place.  A handful among us can speak more than 12 languages.  Steve Kaufmann, age 76, A Vancouver polyglot and popular YouTuber started learning languages for work and fun now teaches his secret in learning languages, speaks over 20 languages; very few can speak more than 8 languages, while some more than 3 languages.

The truth and fact, there are only 3 languages in the world.  Getting familiar with them is to each one’s survival.  The foremost is your mother’s tongue, to be fluent in and knowledgeable in its use, application of words, and sentence’s structure. Second is sign language, and third nature’s language, familiarity with these two will assist in your growth of understanding your environment and those we associate with.


Some religions believe that the manifestation of God is within all living things on earth. Some may agree to disagree.  But when you yourselves have experience this spiritual manifestation do not doubt; listen, read, and observe to understand.  I now, do not write from hearsay, but from that of my own experience to know that the true God’s manifestation is revealed to those trying to walk in his way.  Yes.  HE will cause you to see, to read as insight is attain, to get the message HE is saying to you.  For HE does not speak to us as HE did in the past with some of our ancestors, but with signs from HIS use of others and his creatures.  And only those of his children—of course we are all his children from creation, but not all belonging to him.  Those listening and following in his footsteps are consider his children.  To those ones they are able to read, to listen, and get the understanding and point of his message/ or messages.


To have the understanding of who are given rulership and who is the ruler will give better understanding of how well one conducts his/ or her life. the stories I am about to tell I must emphasize is not for those having access to my work to take away any negatives, but rather to understand that we are here, each teaching the other.

When humans who speak is unable to express themselves they verbally do so in sign language to getting their message/s across. A person is only able to pickup on these subtle messages when the content of a conversation is being followed and understood, or by reading between the lines, so speaking.

Presently I work for a couple and have for over several years, both speak different languages–Spanish and English. Our feelings at times are initiated from the things seen and heard, and a wise one listens to their intuition. Over the years I have come to know each one, and of lately observe the spouse to have a bit of jealously, and her resentment at times of her spouse’s attention towards me. However, with actions observed my only intention is to express paz–peace in my conduct and actions towards both as I follow their instructions; while understanding who is the ruler and the one given rulership, as respect is given both, while my foremost is upon the one who is my spiritual ruler.

Most recently, I applied for a Job, and was called for an interview, and received another call for a days paid training. Before, I accepted the assignment, text messages and calls were frequent to my phone, that I became angry and expressed this in a text message asking the person if my text had received that I will (be at the location and time) there. To shorten this story; it turned out that the persons message to, spoken to and worked with, were the opposite of what the meaning of nice and respectful means. I never heard from the individuals after that day, nor received payment for the day’s work.

I am a worker having nothing of to be ashamed. I so love to work that even when not working out of the home, one will always find me writing, doing research, reading to perfect my craft or exercising. I am fair, and truthful in my work, and those I with, deal. Have I stolen? Yes, from a passed employer for once I worked; the unfairness seen I took it upon myself to exercise justice on behalf of my employees and self. Until My Dying Day gives more insight of my past actions.

Getting back on track. Knowledge unknown as to the reason for the company’s action towards me. My insight leads me to think, their having knowledge of my written work is without clarity and foolish thinking. It is wise as the scriptures tell in not taking sides when one is not of full knowledge of a situation, is true. For how can you judge that which you have no knowledge. Yes, I have endure the scent, the name calling and the disrespect that should not have been given me. And I did, because I know my truths, from where I came, and where I am going.


Mixed messages are often received from the things seen and heard that are not fully process within our minds.  When they are, one is able to see the rulers’ actions that allow for the clearing of mixed messages.

Our mind is a beautiful and powerful instrument, as it is a complicated one that has baffled scientist over the centuries.  And one of the biggest obstacles one [you,] will have to overcome in life is what you allow the mind to believe.  When you can overcome that, you can overcome anything.  With the mind we are able to create, destroy, love or hate.  Out of a need we create to survive to live.  Out of frustration and a desire to see differences we destroy.  And the same can be said for loving someone; hate raises its ugly head when the person cannot get their desires met, selfishness overpower logic—to be calm, to listen, to show compassion, and in not trying to understand the other, we are then move to hate which destroys a friendship or a marriage.

There’s a scripture that state Paul’s confusion as he battles with the demon within him—the controller of them Satan—as he uses Paul circumstances against him with those, he controls to block Paul from being true to himself, as what was being observe by on lookers, in their sight Paul seemed to be a liar, a man of unjust gain, and a persecutor against those doing good.  In fact, Paul, in his actions against some Christians were from his own frustration and battle in trying to do good vented this inner conflict against them to wake-up, stand firm, to look the evil ones straight in the eyes, and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

On August second, I visited my local laundry mart to find out what time the person who picks up the laundry for cleaning will be there.  The person who I had dealt with from the start who had examine the clothing before sending out to clean and upon my pick-up who were reported to of the condition of two of the outfits—a dress, which information tag came back without any written information, and the sequence falling off.  The other a white blazer top with yellow stains on one of the pockets and by the zipper that was not seen when the item was examine; apparently had not arrived to work at the time.  Her co-worker—a man, insisted I bring the items for him to see as I tried to explain.  So, I got the items with the vacuum dust that had some of the sequence that fell off while being fitted to see if it was the same size, when tried at my sister’s home—it was, same size.  So, I took the items down and first started to show him the dust in the bag that has the silver sequence, and before we could get to the dress the man started yelling, “What’s this?”

“This is the sequence that is falling off the dress,” I turned the plastic bag around so he could see what I am talking about. 

He continues to yell, “This is not new dress, old.  What you want money?”  He says with the motion of his hand as to say get out of my store.

“No, I want you to…”  He interrupts, I yell back “stop shouting at me…”  He interrupts me as I tried to explain that I was not seeking a full refund but to be fair in his cost to me for his ruin of the dress, however, I could not, for he kept yelling above the sound of the pouring rain.

“You lie, you are a liar”

“I am not lying; my sister is a witness as to the condition it was.  You are the one lying.  For if I lie to you, I’ll be lying on myself, and my father above.”

“No, you lie.  You want clean, I could do that,” this about the second time he asks.

I took the paper he gives to me and as I proceeded to write he walks over to the side picks up a Bible, “This is my God, I am not lying.”

“Yes, you are, against me and Him, and you will regret.”

After taking pictures of the white Blazer top with the stains it never had before cleaning, and of the paper I signed, he says, “you want to go court, then go.”  There’s a quote: You can never win an argument with a negative person; they only hear what suits them and listen only to respond. 

In the heat of the anger, I told him I was going to take him to court, but in all honesty, I was not going to, the dress is from an estate give-away, and I have no receipt proof of the cost.  I was seeking his acknowledgement of the damage, and his fairness of cost to me or at least an apology.

That was the beginning of the day, until I met another—a bus driver, who wanted to start an argument I avoided by his seen attitude.  An another whose comment as I try to sell some costume jewelry, “I have seen some people try to sell items stolen from people from…” he points over to the hospital building, “patients in the hospital.”

“Will I can assure you; in my response, “these are my sister’s things from her estate give-away.  I could show you a picture of her in the coffin.”

“No, you don’t have to,” he smiles.

What had I done?  Nothing to the individuals that entered my life and I theirs on Tuesday. 

Because the demon’s desire to control were not being given the advantage, they tried to embarrassed, prove me a liar, and a thief.  For now, the demons are disable, but as I breathe and live, I know their leader will be back.

At the end of the day, in looking back I did so in laughter after contemplation give clarity of my actions.  In innocence, I see how the true God had proven the one who tried to manipulate his/ or her dishonest schemes in my life, failed.


I know this has been a long read, and hope it has enlighten you who has taken the time to sit and have a read. Wishing all a bless day!



LOOK! I keep crying out, ‘Violence!’ but I get no answer; I keep crying for help, but there is no justice. My very path he has blocked with a stone wall, and I cannot pass over; and upon my roadways he puts darkness itself. My own brothers he has put far away from me, and those known by me have themselves forgotten me. Words echoed by one of my ancestors–Job, proved to being my own sentiments silently echoes as I deal with some around me and in my business circle. Ignorant to this fact: they are guided by deceptive thoughts of what they read, implanted by Satan’s manipulation and observation of what they see; are blinded to what is injustice and know no balance in actions they take toward others. Their own unbalance actions that place them within a group of the mentally insane; they capture those innocents into their weaved web of violence.

THIS story I am about to tell is reflected from a movie I viewed just recently, something I touched on in my memoir about some within society not given the love so needed from infancy is the reason for their disrespectful and violent attitude toward others in society.

I enjoyed playing the game Monopoly, although it was just a game, I knew the life lesson it taught, but this movie really pushed home the point, of all we struggle and fight each other to achieve, in the end leaves the question, What now? or What in life really matters?

TAUGHT by his grandmother how to play Monopoly, one summer he played Monopoly almost everyday, all day long until he became so good at the game; he learnt the only way to win is to make a total commitment to acquisition. He came to understand that money and possession, that’s the way to achieve scores that he became ruthless in the way he played against her. But she had one more thing to teach him once the game was over. She says to him, “”Now it all goes back in the box, all those houses and hotels, railroads, and utility companies, all that property and all that wonderful money, now it all goes back in the box. None of it was really yours, you got heated up over it for a while, but it was around a long time before you sat down at the board, and it will be here after you are gone, players come, and players go. Houses, cars, title, and clothes.”” And here is the punch, “”It all goes back into the box.””

YES, that’s the way of life. I have experience from my own family situations the wicked things some do to achieve what another has worked hard to acquire. However, this very thing most forget, that we are here for a time, a time to Learn, to Love, to Laugh, to Rebuild, to Live, to Forgive, and to Die. However, like Satan, the father of lies many are emotionally aroused by putting others through a struggle to achieve and like animals–kill–their brothers. We all have a limit of tolerance, and when pushed to that limit we become violent and abusive towards those who have been violent towards us, and even to those innocents. This is when those in authority need to take corrective steps towards that one who is violent. This is what is lacking in society; because the belief is…and practice is, crime creates business.

PEOPLE, wake up and stand firm against those you deal with as you battle with your truths in a respectful and insightful manner. For many in these times are controlled by their emotional gratification the Devil knows all well how to motivate.

I strongly recommend looking at this movie. Its quite long but you will come away with much insight. The movie could be access on YouTube.

FEEL free to start a dialogue of your take away.

  • Movie title: ZEITGEIST. Focuses on Monetary-Market Economics.
  • Genre: Documentary–Independent–Drama.
  • Director: Peter Joseph.
  • Time: 2:41:15



WROTE J. R. Lowell: Once to everyman and nation comes the moment to decide, in the strife of Truth and Falsehood for the good or evil side. -The Present Crisis.

THE take over between Rogers and Shaw, two of the largest telecommunication companies, battles, and caught in the feud are their customers unable to communicate by phone or use of their computer’s internet.

IT is not funny how easily we become dependent, and can lack appreciation for the daily functioning apparatus we take for granted. I woke up on June 8th after eight to a bright sunny slightly cloudy morning, and as I am having breakfast I notice the case that enclosed the cable looked like it had been tampered with, but after breakfast when I took a seat on the couch to complete my cup of tea, that’s when my suspicion became real, the light on the cable box was blinking green. So, I rested my cup on the table to inspect the situation; the position of the box and its cable was in the position as it was from the connection of it, this then seemed obvious no one had touched it. With thoughts of all shorts running through my mind after trying to connect to the internet and attempts to use the phone failed, frustrated now, “You nasty boys and girls just don’t seem to quit,” I said out loud. I packed away y computers got dressed and hit the road to finding out the problem. My first stop to the bank was to inquire about my Credit Card pin numbers not working from the day before when I tried to use it at the convenient store. On the way there seen is one who works in management for my building, however, with plans and no time to talk; passed. I got to the bank and was informed of the news. “Rogers whole system is down, and has affected all other networks under its umbrella.” NOW, the fog that clouded my mind was beginning to clear. One other stop confirmed the case to be serious. Since I was on the road I decided to complete my grocery list by stopping at my favorite fruit vendor for some fruits, and then to the Chinese to pick up some hot peppers before leaving the market.

FINALLY, home, I unpacked and moved myself to the window, no one is sighted in the park except for a lone photographer on the side street seen taking a picture as I open the door to the porch. A calm feeling came over me. As I looked over the morning in my mind I was moved to appreciate the calm warnings given before an occurred catastrophe, and thank God I was given the opportunity to write a memoir of my experiences and of his loving kindness shown to me and all others. Reminding me of a the lyrics to a song: Don’t take my kindness–in God’s case, his patience–for weakness. Words developed from HIS own statement that HE is not impatient towards his promises as some may think, but HE is patient with us because HE does not want to destroy any, but want us to repent and have life.

SO many things can happen within a day; by every second, every minute, every hour that passes. Let’s be forgiving, communicate, exercise patience, be positive, and hold hands as we take steps moving forward. Rogers did not acknowledge the issue until just before 9 am ET, on Friday, reported. Some customers are still without cable as of Saturday.

THANKS for thoughts on what your day was on Friday, June 8, 2022?


THERE IS a saying, “Talk is cheap, blows are unkind.” Although words are indeed cheap, for the thoughts of one man is also of another expressed similarly, they can hurt when spread like gangrene. Understanding is with the wise, and not with those mentally immature, or those whose pride takes away confidence that causes them to loss friendship. There is a period with time all need to learn to do something better, even those gifted. Through trials and errors knowledge is gain that moves to wisdom in a thing or project. Some are fortunate to have money to pay others to perfect what they want; others without the financial wealth must read to try to get a thing or project to look, and express the idea intended. Only done in time!

WHEN I started WordPress, I had no idea how to work the App, but I knew what I needed it for–to express my thoughts from what I was observing around me, as I invite others to join me; hoping that through interchange of thoughts and ideas we will find peace in this chaotic world. After trying to figure out the App, and I thought when done it was good, and was even encourage by one who liked the page, to me however, still needed a professional touch. So, I decided to hook up with Fiverr Customer Support for help (I was trying do a logo). A few days after I started to get tons of emails within the day. This not only confused me but anger me. I knew this could only be coming from one source and it had to be from the company I hooked up with. So, I fired off an email with my complaint. A few days past before I got a response for the delayed, “What did you do?” I was asked. “I was just looking around to see what was the problem.” “I will look into the issue,” concluded the representative; eventually the problem was solved.

MY TAKEAWAY from the issue, I failed to respond to some of the emails gotten where I could have developed contacts. Second takeaway, most, not all emails [as they were too many] failed to give constructive criticism. As mention earlier, time is what improves our knowledge and makes us wiser. It was only as of recently it dawn on me as I looked through the App to make some changes after reading a WordPress Newsletter received, that I notice the Home page, Welcome block hadn’t my site name or purpose for the page. Only with time!

WORDPRESS HAS been good in developing new ways to improve the look of each one’s webpage, and email sent outs; of course, some of these implementation cost, so is the education. For those without the financial wealth will have to do a lot of reading, or just feel their way around the App. However, a note of caution, be sure not to press “publish” until you are sure the look, the links, the instructions, and all input are done properly, or you will have the whole lot laughing; hopefully with you, and not at you. Only with time!

MY WEBPAGE is not yet finish for there is still a few more things I need to add, so, for those who have been following my progress, thanks for looking-in while allowing me to perfect it. Further, any suggestions will be considered, as thanks goes out to those who contribute their thoughts as they laugh with me. Only with time!


RANSOMEWARE attacks on businesses have increased by one third percent in the past year, according to a recent report by a Boston-based company–Cybereason 73% of businesses were hit at least one ransomware attack in the past year, and 68% who paid a ransom were attack again in less than a month.

NOT ONLY are the attacks on businesses but those in practice are targeting personal computers. I can recall when Grammarly Inc spell check would just highlight an incorrect word giving the correct one; now I find the spellcheck to be giving multiple words that spells the same making you choose. For those whose spelling are weak and not familiar with the meaning of words may, and can easily make mistakes sending the wrong message. Thus, putting you on a comedy stage–an entertainer, for some whose intellect lacks insight; seeing only the flaw, ready to criticized. Once the button ‘send’; (and sometimes even before the send button is click–many times in my experience–it seems the computer reads your mind before your actions; sends the message), in seconds an incomplete message with spelling mistakes are in the public’s view.

THE ACTION done by the computer, the hackers or yourself forces you, now, to do some PR damage, and although the opportunity is given to correct any mistakes once sent by clicking on the ellipsis points, the confirmation leading to comical reactions by some fools, are done. But this is what life is all about, our mistakes are given to laughter, and takes us back to the age of innocence.

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Dream image

IT SEEM since COVID-19 hit the world; the death toll is about the same in comparison to over a few centuries.  It has been two months since we—the family—laid my sister, the fourth of eight siblings to rest from heart failure.

THE GRIEF we all go through in times of losing a loved one differs with each one. Some take to the internet to find any psychic that can connect them to the loved one passed.  Some to drinking or overeating.  Others drown themselves in work.  And, yet others seem to have been buried with the dead; for they lack motivation to move on.

FOR ME getting back to writing seem to be a chore rather than the love I once had in expressing my thoughts.  I don’t have writer’s block for the thoughts are there, and I could see the sentences one after the other just floating around my mind just waiting physical extraction to be placed on paper in order of occurrences expressed coherently.  However, when I get to writing the activity seem to be like lifting weights that give pain to my hand’s movement.  This cause from the mental pain—I found out through meditation—is from the loss of my sister, the injustices seen in the world today, and the ignorance of some I daily live among that makes writing difficult at this time.

What do I do to get back into my routine of writing?

STEP BY STEP and one reaches their destination.  Right!  So, with prayers each day, and reading of or listening to a chapter or two from the Bible; I am finding my way back on the journey, the road leading to my goal of writing.

THE VIEW along the road is not filled with much joy as things seen, heard, and tolerated by some in society is what has caused my hindrance.  For as I look around, death is mostly what I see among those struggling to survive.  Keeping one’s mind awake, alert, and focus is so difficult especially when fighting against the ones with hatred in their hearts, whose goal is to cause separation, war, and strife.

I SEE from my sister’s death, and get to know the importance of having trusted friends.  The importance preparedness plays in each one’s life; for we are here a short time not a long time.  Therefore, the order of things at the end—whenever that is—should be as it was during one’s lifetime.  For when things are not in order as they should be, thieves break in and steal due to absent of the one’s mind during their lifetime or after their death. 

THE BIBLE warns us of what a true friend is like.  He/ or she is a brother when in distress.  Has anyone found such a friend, then you are given a blessing from God.


ONE DAY during a family gathering at my niece’s home a conversation struck up about the importance of WILLS.  The visitor mother’s daughter said, “I told mommy to make a Will, but she says she is afraid too.”  What is there to be afraid of?  A Last Will and Testament relates the person’s last desired wishes during immobility before death and after their death.  It puts in order HOW the estate should be allocated, and to whom WHAT items should be given.

SO MANY families fall apart due to this order not written, a Last Will and Testament.  Sometimes even before death, fights among themselves develop as to who should get what items.  Arguments could be avoided if all family members are gathered together, with the owner of the estate as his/ or her wishes are expressed.  And, with advance technology use of it; peace is accomplished by the meeting of all in attendance.

WITHOUT a Last Will and Testament all that the dead one inherited during his/ or her lifetime of hard work regards properties is left in the hands of the Government to do as they please.


THE TRUTH will set anyone (us) free.  Each one will believe what they want to believe.  As it was in Noah’s day, so it is today.  People were laughing, eating, and celebrating, and the flood came and washed them all away.  Today, many ignore the Bible’s warning about looking into spirit mediums.  The reason the Bible has been preserved down to our day is to protect us, as there are many books written by one’s experiences to guide us. 

The wise are the ones that listen.

To believe in a loved one talking to you is to totally deny the Bible; God’s heavenly organization, and his adversary—Satan. 

SATAN IS an angel in opposition of God’s rule and will twist the truth for his own purpose.  Through us his lies enriches the one untruthful with others.  Below listed in your own Bibles are scriptures leading you to the truth of the dead, and the duties of Angels.

FOREMOST IN power and authority is Michael the archangel—Jesus Christ,

Seraphs served as attendants at God’s throne declaring God’s holiness and keeping his people spiritually clean.

Cherubs, associates of God’s throne upholds Jehovah’s majesty.

Other angels under him are agents of Jehovah and carry out the divine will.

Michael’s dispute with Satan                       Jude 9

Meeting with Seraphs                                    Isaiah 6:1-3

Working with Cherubs                                   Ezekiel 10: 1-4

The end of a past                                              Genesis 7:6-24

Warned trying to speak to the dead         Leviticus 19:32

Condition of the dead                                    Ecclesiastes 9:5,10

Fortune telling condemned                         Acts 16:16-18

WE THE living will continue to have dreams.  It will serve best to remember such as there is good and bad people among the living, so it is among the angelic forces; much stronger in projecting their desires. 

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When will those that make and implement the law, open their eyes, and uses their sense of logic? 

For decades society’s changing attitudes and way of life has seen no review of past laws rewritten to discipline those taking advantage of their position in the perpetration of committing and embedding  violence.

Perhaps if the same that they have done to others should be done to their families or to them; those that allow and participate in the injustices of heinous crimes, will stop.

One man cannot do everything, the reason God has angels, and the reason man has assistances.  Instead of fighting against each other and political parties against the other, you all should be working together to set examples of those who commit crimes by using the law.

Where are the judges who are supposed to be educated in the way of justice?


Extreme intoxication that produces a psychotic state can be a defence to violent crimes such as sexual assaults and stabbing because the law that bands it is unconstitutional.  Recognizing the fundamental flaw in the Federal’s approach that risks wrongful convictions by allowing punishment for involuntary conduct, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled on Friday.

A federal law from 1995 that blocks the use of the defense. 

The Federal law “”enables conviction for conduct that an accused person was not aware of and could not control and therefore cannot be a ‘guilty act’ as defined by the underlying offences,”” Justice Nicholas Kasirer wrote for the court. “”This result follows even where individuals ingest alcohol or drugs in common-place situations where there is no subjective or objective foresight of automatism or violence.””


The consideration of alcohol consumption in public places is a way for the man of violence to control those innocents of being manipulated into doing their dirty work to only increase.  What I have observe and mentally endure, draws this conclusion. Foolishness is tied up with the stupid ones—young and old.  I see a people (some) young and old still mentally immature.  Instead of doing onto others as they would like done to self in ways of good, they do what is bad in the eyes of God and their fellow man.

Trying to implement rules seen in other countries will not work at home, due to differences in culture and mentality. Torontonians in the past has seen the chaos in the parks from consumption of alcohol, and to implement this behavior without thoughtful reflection is taking two steps back instead of forward.

Seriously, allowing this law is furthering the slackness and irresponsibility of those who already drive intoxicated killing innocent individuals, to those who are under extreme influence, liken to driving without brakes using the idea of criminal negligence to exercise punishment for crimes to walk. The Supreme Court must keep individual human rights at the forefront when it rules on extreme intoxication defense.


Living in Government housing is not a walk in the park.  Sure, one enjoys a rent affordable to their income, but the mental torment by some neighbors is like being homeless having to fight to survive.  One’s survival is even worse when you are of a minority in the working world who must cope with racism, and the attitude of leaders corrupt by their sense of power.

Complaints of committed offences often go unheard due to the turn of blindness on the part of those to help.  Unpunished, due to fear from those who have committed the crime.

Laws need to be rewritten to reflect the current times; rules need to be implemented to fit situations and need to start with those who presumptive actions call for set examples.

President Trudeau needs to put his own house in order before telling others about humanitarian rights.  Canada can set the stage by doing the right thing towards violence of its citizens.

In my opinion–a receiver!


Caption Information:

 The Globe and Mail

 Adrian Wyld/ the Canadian Press.

CTV News, on implementing drinking in public parks.


Written by Bernadette Massiah.


ONTARIO Premier Doug Ford finally realize how ‘extremists can opportunistically redefine and hijack existing issues, holding their peers accountable when they normalize and accelerate narratives.’ Forced to recognize trucker convoy actions for what it is–harm to our economic lifeline–he is calling the protests in Ottawa a “Siege” and an “illegal occupation.” And will enact orders making it illegal to block borders and highways and impose $100.000 fine and prison terms who defy them.

IT IS time that lawmakers rewrite some rules of law to meet with current times. Peoples’ attitudes have change, no longer will they sit back to wait on changes. The right of free speech and assemble is there’s to use. People know this. What is now needed to implement is an allowed time to end assemble of expressions geared to protest of any kind. Had this been a Rule of Law, what is being observed in Ottawa would not be taking place right now, after two weeks.

TIMELINE given would have seen the assemble of truckers convoy gone by that given time; not done, with fines issued.

TORONTO’S assemble was a short period, thanks to law observers of Ottawa’s situation. So many opportunities given to learn and to make changes, some governing still don’t see the necessity to rewrite the rules.

THERE’S a time for all things under the sun. It is time for some Rules of Law be reviewed, rewritten and implemented.

Insight from The Globe and Mail.