Conflicts are like an onion’s layers, once removed we get to the real cause of a problem.

I am one who loves to read, always seeking knowledge to enhance my intellect. This blog is created so you and I through conversations of all topics will find common ground in peace and a better understanding of ourselves and this world.

My names are Bernadette Marlene Massiah a religious evangelist working towards the good of all.  Born in Guyana, and raised a Catholic, I left my native land immigrating to Canada in 1975.  My journey abroad and in Canada working in sales and an achiever of top sales representative for Canada and the United States; earned me me a five-star diamond pin.   My travels allowed the meeting of different nationalities getting familiar with different cultures. 

Throughout my journey, and experiences my intention is to encourage, enlighten and up build in hope that our dialogue will help each other to renew our self taught, rebuild from our dreams, and replenish our energies as we live better lives.

Published by bernadette massiah

I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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