With life comes change. If you want to change your life you change your thinking.

THERE’S a myth about finding wealth out of one’s own backyard.  Truth is, daily the universe speaks to us, and as a writer, by looking around my area there is always stories to tell.  We just have to be attentive to look around where one, [you] are to finding the wealth claim to be out of your own backyard.

I wrote in my book Until My Dying Day about holding true to one’s profession, for pretending to be that which you are not, not only endanger the lives of others, but in the end damages [your] own reputation in the eyes of those who looked at you for what you claim to be.  I also touched on what the sense of smells conveys to me to be true in my circumstances.

On Thursday, July twenty-first in morning while preparing things in my room before heading out to work, I heard voices outside my window, and was moved by curiosity to investigate.  I observe a couple, (man and woman) the woman searching through the garbage while the man stands in the position of a guard—without his staff—reminding me of a gift received from a cleaner who worked for a company I once worked.  For hours she was in the garbage bins searching for what either one had mistakenly thrown away, for when I had completed a shower and gotten dressed, she was seen still searching; the man had not seen.

With entertained thoughts from occurring dreams during the night that had me woke very tired, I struggle to maintain a positive outlook as I dance with the music life chose to play for me.  This brings me to the topic of languages.


There are over 7,100 languages spoken in the world today.  Each one making the world a diverse and beautiful place.  A handful among us can speak more than 12 languages.  Steve Kaufmann, age 76, A Vancouver polyglot and popular YouTuber started learning languages for work and fun now teaches his secret in learning languages, speaks over 20 languages; very few can speak more than 8 languages, while some more than 3 languages.

The truth and fact, there are only 3 languages in the world.  Getting familiar with them is to each one’s survival.  The foremost is your mother’s tongue, to be fluent in and knowledgeable in its use, application of words, and sentence’s structure. Second is sign language, and third nature’s language, familiarity with these two will assist in your growth of understanding your environment and those we associate with.


Some religions believe that the manifestation of God is within all living things on earth. Some may agree to disagree.  But when you yourselves have experience this spiritual manifestation do not doubt; listen, read, and observe to understand.  I now, do not write from hearsay, but from that of my own experience to know that the true God’s manifestation is revealed to those trying to walk in his way.  Yes.  HE will cause you to see, to read as insight is attain, to get the message HE is saying to you.  For HE does not speak to us as HE did in the past with some of our ancestors, but with signs from HIS use of others and his creatures.  And only those of his children—of course we are all his children from creation, but not all belonging to him.  Those listening and following in his footsteps are consider his children.  To those ones they are able to read, to listen, and get the understanding and point of his message/ or messages.


To have the understanding of who are given rulership and who is the ruler will give better understanding of how well one conducts his/ or her life. the stories I am about to tell I must emphasize is not for those having access to my work to take away any negatives, but rather to understand that we are here, each teaching the other.

When humans who speak is unable to express themselves they verbally do so in sign language to getting their message/s across. A person is only able to pickup on these subtle messages when the content of a conversation is being followed and understood, or by reading between the lines, so speaking.

Presently I work for a couple and have for over several years, both speak different languages–Spanish and English. Our feelings at times are initiated from the things seen and heard, and a wise one listens to their intuition. Over the years I have come to know each one, and of lately observe the spouse to have a bit of jealously, and her resentment at times of her spouse’s attention towards me. However, with actions observed my only intention is to express paz–peace in my conduct and actions towards both as I follow their instructions; while understanding who is the ruler and the one given rulership, as respect is given both, while my foremost is upon the one who is my spiritual ruler.

Most recently, I applied for a Job, and was called for an interview, and received another call for a days paid training. Before, I accepted the assignment, text messages and calls were frequent to my phone, that I became angry and expressed this in a text message asking the person if my text had received that I will (be at the location and time) there. To shorten this story; it turned out that the persons message to, spoken to and worked with, were the opposite of what the meaning of nice and respectful means. I never heard from the individuals after that day, nor received payment for the day’s work.

I am a worker having nothing of to be ashamed. I so love to work that even when not working out of the home, one will always find me writing, doing research, reading to perfect my craft or exercising. I am fair, and truthful in my work, and those I with, deal. Have I stolen? Yes, from a passed employer for once I worked; the unfairness seen I took it upon myself to exercise justice on behalf of my employees and self. Until My Dying Day gives more insight of my past actions.

Getting back on track. Knowledge unknown as to the reason for the company’s action towards me. My insight leads me to think, their having knowledge of my written work is without clarity and foolish thinking. It is wise as the scriptures tell in not taking sides when one is not of full knowledge of a situation, is true. For how can you judge that which you have no knowledge. Yes, I have endure the scent, the name calling and the disrespect that should not have been given me. And I did, because I know my truths, from where I came, and where I am going.


Mixed messages are often received from the things seen and heard that are not fully process within our minds.  When they are, one is able to see the rulers’ actions that allow for the clearing of mixed messages.

Our mind is a beautiful and powerful instrument, as it is a complicated one that has baffled scientist over the centuries.  And one of the biggest obstacles one [you,] will have to overcome in life is what you allow the mind to believe.  When you can overcome that, you can overcome anything.  With the mind we are able to create, destroy, love or hate.  Out of a need we create to survive to live.  Out of frustration and a desire to see differences we destroy.  And the same can be said for loving someone; hate raises its ugly head when the person cannot get their desires met, selfishness overpower logic—to be calm, to listen, to show compassion, and in not trying to understand the other, we are then move to hate which destroys a friendship or a marriage.

There’s a scripture that state Paul’s confusion as he battles with the demon within him—the controller of them Satan—as he uses Paul circumstances against him with those, he controls to block Paul from being true to himself, as what was being observe by on lookers, in their sight Paul seemed to be a liar, a man of unjust gain, and a persecutor against those doing good.  In fact, Paul, in his actions against some Christians were from his own frustration and battle in trying to do good vented this inner conflict against them to wake-up, stand firm, to look the evil ones straight in the eyes, and fight for what is rightfully theirs.

On August second, I visited my local laundry mart to find out what time the person who picks up the laundry for cleaning will be there.  The person who I had dealt with from the start who had examine the clothing before sending out to clean and upon my pick-up who were reported to of the condition of two of the outfits—a dress, which information tag came back without any written information, and the sequence falling off.  The other a white blazer top with yellow stains on one of the pockets and by the zipper that was not seen when the item was examine; apparently had not arrived to work at the time.  Her co-worker—a man, insisted I bring the items for him to see as I tried to explain.  So, I got the items with the vacuum dust that had some of the sequence that fell off while being fitted to see if it was the same size, when tried at my sister’s home—it was, same size.  So, I took the items down and first started to show him the dust in the bag that has the silver sequence, and before we could get to the dress the man started yelling, “What’s this?”

“This is the sequence that is falling off the dress,” I turned the plastic bag around so he could see what I am talking about. 

He continues to yell, “This is not new dress, old.  What you want money?”  He says with the motion of his hand as to say get out of my store.

“No, I want you to…”  He interrupts, I yell back “stop shouting at me…”  He interrupts me as I tried to explain that I was not seeking a full refund but to be fair in his cost to me for his ruin of the dress, however, I could not, for he kept yelling above the sound of the pouring rain.

“You lie, you are a liar”

“I am not lying; my sister is a witness as to the condition it was.  You are the one lying.  For if I lie to you, I’ll be lying on myself, and my father above.”

“No, you lie.  You want clean, I could do that,” this about the second time he asks.

I took the paper he gives to me and as I proceeded to write he walks over to the side picks up a Bible, “This is my God, I am not lying.”

“Yes, you are, against me and Him, and you will regret.”

After taking pictures of the white Blazer top with the stains it never had before cleaning, and of the paper I signed, he says, “you want to go court, then go.”  There’s a quote: You can never win an argument with a negative person; they only hear what suits them and listen only to respond. 

In the heat of the anger, I told him I was going to take him to court, but in all honesty, I was not going to, the dress is from an estate give-away, and I have no receipt proof of the cost.  I was seeking his acknowledgement of the damage, and his fairness of cost to me or at least an apology.

That was the beginning of the day, until I met another—a bus driver, who wanted to start an argument I avoided by his seen attitude.  An another whose comment as I try to sell some costume jewelry, “I have seen some people try to sell items stolen from people from…” he points over to the hospital building, “patients in the hospital.”

“Will I can assure you; in my response, “these are my sister’s things from her estate give-away.  I could show you a picture of her in the coffin.”

“No, you don’t have to,” he smiles.

What had I done?  Nothing to the individuals that entered my life and I theirs on Tuesday. 

Because the demon’s desire to control were not being given the advantage, they tried to embarrassed, prove me a liar, and a thief.  For now, the demons are disable, but as I breathe and live, I know their leader will be back.

At the end of the day, in looking back I did so in laughter after contemplation give clarity of my actions.  In innocence, I see how the true God had proven the one who tried to manipulate his/ or her dishonest schemes in my life, failed.


I know this has been a long read, and hope it has enlighten you who has taken the time to sit and have a read. Wishing all a bless day!

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I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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