WROTE J. R. Lowell: Once to everyman and nation comes the moment to decide, in the strife of Truth and Falsehood for the good or evil side. -The Present Crisis.

THE take over between Rogers and Shaw, two of the largest telecommunication companies, battles, and caught in the feud are their customers unable to communicate by phone or use of their computer’s internet.

IT is not funny how easily we become dependent, and can lack appreciation for the daily functioning apparatus we take for granted. I woke up on June 8th after eight to a bright sunny slightly cloudy morning, and as I am having breakfast I notice the case that enclosed the cable looked like it had been tampered with, but after breakfast when I took a seat on the couch to complete my cup of tea, that’s when my suspicion became real, the light on the cable box was blinking green. So, I rested my cup on the table to inspect the situation; the position of the box and its cable was in the position as it was from the connection of it, this then seemed obvious no one had touched it. With thoughts of all shorts running through my mind after trying to connect to the internet and attempts to use the phone failed, frustrated now, “You nasty boys and girls just don’t seem to quit,” I said out loud. I packed away y computers got dressed and hit the road to finding out the problem. My first stop to the bank was to inquire about my Credit Card pin numbers not working from the day before when I tried to use it at the convenient store. On the way there seen is one who works in management for my building, however, with plans and no time to talk; passed. I got to the bank and was informed of the news. “Rogers whole system is down, and has affected all other networks under its umbrella.” NOW, the fog that clouded my mind was beginning to clear. One other stop confirmed the case to be serious. Since I was on the road I decided to complete my grocery list by stopping at my favorite fruit vendor for some fruits, and then to the Chinese to pick up some hot peppers before leaving the market.

FINALLY, home, I unpacked and moved myself to the window, no one is sighted in the park except for a lone photographer on the side street seen taking a picture as I open the door to the porch. A calm feeling came over me. As I looked over the morning in my mind I was moved to appreciate the calm warnings given before an occurred catastrophe, and thank God I was given the opportunity to write a memoir of my experiences and of his loving kindness shown to me and all others. Reminding me of a the lyrics to a song: Don’t take my kindness–in God’s case, his patience–for weakness. Words developed from HIS own statement that HE is not impatient towards his promises as some may think, but HE is patient with us because HE does not want to destroy any, but want us to repent and have life.

SO many things can happen within a day; by every second, every minute, every hour that passes. Let’s be forgiving, communicate, exercise patience, be positive, and hold hands as we take steps moving forward. Rogers did not acknowledge the issue until just before 9 am ET, on Friday, reported. Some customers are still without cable as of Saturday.

THANKS for thoughts on what your day was on Friday, June 8, 2022?

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I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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