THERE IS a saying, “Talk is cheap, blows are unkind.” Although words are indeed cheap, for the thoughts of one man is also of another expressed similarly, they can hurt when spread like gangrene. Understanding is with the wise, and not with those mentally immature, or those whose pride takes away confidence that causes them to loss friendship. There is a period with time all need to learn to do something better, even those gifted. Through trials and errors knowledge is gain that moves to wisdom in a thing or project. Some are fortunate to have money to pay others to perfect what they want; others without the financial wealth must read to try to get a thing or project to look, and express the idea intended. Only done in time!

WHEN I started WordPress, I had no idea how to work the App, but I knew what I needed it for–to express my thoughts from what I was observing around me, as I invite others to join me; hoping that through interchange of thoughts and ideas we will find peace in this chaotic world. After trying to figure out the App, and I thought when done it was good, and was even encourage by one who liked the page, to me however, still needed a professional touch. So, I decided to hook up with Fiverr Customer Support for help (I was trying do a logo). A few days after I started to get tons of emails within the day. This not only confused me but anger me. I knew this could only be coming from one source and it had to be from the company I hooked up with. So, I fired off an email with my complaint. A few days past before I got a response for the delayed, “What did you do?” I was asked. “I was just looking around to see what was the problem.” “I will look into the issue,” concluded the representative; eventually the problem was solved.

MY TAKEAWAY from the issue, I failed to respond to some of the emails gotten where I could have developed contacts. Second takeaway, most, not all emails [as they were too many] failed to give constructive criticism. As mention earlier, time is what improves our knowledge and makes us wiser. It was only as of recently it dawn on me as I looked through the App to make some changes after reading a WordPress Newsletter received, that I notice the Home page, Welcome block hadn’t my site name or purpose for the page. Only with time!

WORDPRESS HAS been good in developing new ways to improve the look of each one’s webpage, and email sent outs; of course, some of these implementation cost, so is the education. For those without the financial wealth will have to do a lot of reading, or just feel their way around the App. However, a note of caution, be sure not to press “publish” until you are sure the look, the links, the instructions, and all input are done properly, or you will have the whole lot laughing; hopefully with you, and not at you. Only with time!

MY WEBPAGE is not yet finish for there is still a few more things I need to add, so, for those who have been following my progress, thanks for looking-in while allowing me to perfect it. Further, any suggestions will be considered, as thanks goes out to those who contribute their thoughts as they laugh with me. Only with time!


RANSOMEWARE attacks on businesses have increased by one third percent in the past year, according to a recent report by a Boston-based company–Cybereason 73% of businesses were hit at least one ransomware attack in the past year, and 68% who paid a ransom were attack again in less than a month.

NOT ONLY are the attacks on businesses but those in practice are targeting personal computers. I can recall when Grammarly Inc spell check would just highlight an incorrect word giving the correct one; now I find the spellcheck to be giving multiple words that spells the same making you choose. For those whose spelling are weak and not familiar with the meaning of words may, and can easily make mistakes sending the wrong message. Thus, putting you on a comedy stage–an entertainer, for some whose intellect lacks insight; seeing only the flaw, ready to criticized. Once the button ‘send’; (and sometimes even before the send button is click–many times in my experience–it seems the computer reads your mind before your actions; sends the message), in seconds an incomplete message with spelling mistakes are in the public’s view.

THE ACTION done by the computer, the hackers or yourself forces you, now, to do some PR damage, and although the opportunity is given to correct any mistakes once sent by clicking on the ellipsis points, the confirmation leading to comical reactions by some fools, are done. But this is what life is all about, our mistakes are given to laughter, and takes us back to the age of innocence.

See your thoughts in my next post!

Published by bernadette massiah

I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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