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IT SEEM since COVID-19 hit the world; the death toll is about the same in comparison to over a few centuries.  It has been two months since we—the family—laid my sister, the fourth of eight siblings to rest from heart failure.

THE GRIEF we all go through in times of losing a loved one differs with each one. Some take to the internet to find any psychic that can connect them to the loved one passed.  Some to drinking or overeating.  Others drown themselves in work.  And, yet others seem to have been buried with the dead; for they lack motivation to move on.

FOR ME getting back to writing seem to be a chore rather than the love I once had in expressing my thoughts.  I don’t have writer’s block for the thoughts are there, and I could see the sentences one after the other just floating around my mind just waiting physical extraction to be placed on paper in order of occurrences expressed coherently.  However, when I get to writing the activity seem to be like lifting weights that give pain to my hand’s movement.  This cause from the mental pain—I found out through meditation—is from the loss of my sister, the injustices seen in the world today, and the ignorance of some I daily live among that makes writing difficult at this time.

What do I do to get back into my routine of writing?

STEP BY STEP and one reaches their destination.  Right!  So, with prayers each day, and reading of or listening to a chapter or two from the Bible; I am finding my way back on the journey, the road leading to my goal of writing.

THE VIEW along the road is not filled with much joy as things seen, heard, and tolerated by some in society is what has caused my hindrance.  For as I look around, death is mostly what I see among those struggling to survive.  Keeping one’s mind awake, alert, and focus is so difficult especially when fighting against the ones with hatred in their hearts, whose goal is to cause separation, war, and strife.

I SEE from my sister’s death, and get to know the importance of having trusted friends.  The importance preparedness plays in each one’s life; for we are here a short time not a long time.  Therefore, the order of things at the end—whenever that is—should be as it was during one’s lifetime.  For when things are not in order as they should be, thieves break in and steal due to absent of the one’s mind during their lifetime or after their death. 

THE BIBLE warns us of what a true friend is like.  He/ or she is a brother when in distress.  Has anyone found such a friend, then you are given a blessing from God.


ONE DAY during a family gathering at my niece’s home a conversation struck up about the importance of WILLS.  The visitor mother’s daughter said, “I told mommy to make a Will, but she says she is afraid too.”  What is there to be afraid of?  A Last Will and Testament relates the person’s last desired wishes during immobility before death and after their death.  It puts in order HOW the estate should be allocated, and to whom WHAT items should be given.

SO MANY families fall apart due to this order not written, a Last Will and Testament.  Sometimes even before death, fights among themselves develop as to who should get what items.  Arguments could be avoided if all family members are gathered together, with the owner of the estate as his/ or her wishes are expressed.  And, with advance technology use of it; peace is accomplished by the meeting of all in attendance.

WITHOUT a Last Will and Testament all that the dead one inherited during his/ or her lifetime of hard work regards properties is left in the hands of the Government to do as they please.


THE TRUTH will set anyone (us) free.  Each one will believe what they want to believe.  As it was in Noah’s day, so it is today.  People were laughing, eating, and celebrating, and the flood came and washed them all away.  Today, many ignore the Bible’s warning about looking into spirit mediums.  The reason the Bible has been preserved down to our day is to protect us, as there are many books written by one’s experiences to guide us. 

The wise are the ones that listen.

To believe in a loved one talking to you is to totally deny the Bible; God’s heavenly organization, and his adversary—Satan. 

SATAN IS an angel in opposition of God’s rule and will twist the truth for his own purpose.  Through us his lies enriches the one untruthful with others.  Below listed in your own Bibles are scriptures leading you to the truth of the dead, and the duties of Angels.

FOREMOST IN power and authority is Michael the archangel—Jesus Christ,

Seraphs served as attendants at God’s throne declaring God’s holiness and keeping his people spiritually clean.

Cherubs, associates of God’s throne upholds Jehovah’s majesty.

Other angels under him are agents of Jehovah and carry out the divine will.

Michael’s dispute with Satan                       Jude 9

Meeting with Seraphs                                    Isaiah 6:1-3

Working with Cherubs                                   Ezekiel 10: 1-4

The end of a past                                              Genesis 7:6-24

Warned trying to speak to the dead         Leviticus 19:32

Condition of the dead                                    Ecclesiastes 9:5,10

Fortune telling condemned                         Acts 16:16-18

WE THE living will continue to have dreams.  It will serve best to remember such as there is good and bad people among the living, so it is among the angelic forces; much stronger in projecting their desires. 

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I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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