When will those that make and implement the law, open their eyes, and uses their sense of logic? 

For decades society’s changing attitudes and way of life has seen no review of past laws rewritten to discipline those taking advantage of their position in the perpetration of committing and embedding  violence.

Perhaps if the same that they have done to others should be done to their families or to them; those that allow and participate in the injustices of heinous crimes, will stop.

One man cannot do everything, the reason God has angels, and the reason man has assistances.  Instead of fighting against each other and political parties against the other, you all should be working together to set examples of those who commit crimes by using the law.

Where are the judges who are supposed to be educated in the way of justice?


Extreme intoxication that produces a psychotic state can be a defence to violent crimes such as sexual assaults and stabbing because the law that bands it is unconstitutional.  Recognizing the fundamental flaw in the Federal’s approach that risks wrongful convictions by allowing punishment for involuntary conduct, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled on Friday.

A federal law from 1995 that blocks the use of the defense. 

The Federal law “”enables conviction for conduct that an accused person was not aware of and could not control and therefore cannot be a ‘guilty act’ as defined by the underlying offences,”” Justice Nicholas Kasirer wrote for the court. “”This result follows even where individuals ingest alcohol or drugs in common-place situations where there is no subjective or objective foresight of automatism or violence.””


The consideration of alcohol consumption in public places is a way for the man of violence to control those innocents of being manipulated into doing their dirty work to only increase.  What I have observe and mentally endure, draws this conclusion. Foolishness is tied up with the stupid ones—young and old.  I see a people (some) young and old still mentally immature.  Instead of doing onto others as they would like done to self in ways of good, they do what is bad in the eyes of God and their fellow man.

Trying to implement rules seen in other countries will not work at home, due to differences in culture and mentality. Torontonians in the past has seen the chaos in the parks from consumption of alcohol, and to implement this behavior without thoughtful reflection is taking two steps back instead of forward.

Seriously, allowing this law is furthering the slackness and irresponsibility of those who already drive intoxicated killing innocent individuals, to those who are under extreme influence, liken to driving without brakes using the idea of criminal negligence to exercise punishment for crimes to walk. The Supreme Court must keep individual human rights at the forefront when it rules on extreme intoxication defense.


Living in Government housing is not a walk in the park.  Sure, one enjoys a rent affordable to their income, but the mental torment by some neighbors is like being homeless having to fight to survive.  One’s survival is even worse when you are of a minority in the working world who must cope with racism, and the attitude of leaders corrupt by their sense of power.

Complaints of committed offences often go unheard due to the turn of blindness on the part of those to help.  Unpunished, due to fear from those who have committed the crime.

Laws need to be rewritten to reflect the current times; rules need to be implemented to fit situations and need to start with those who presumptive actions call for set examples.

President Trudeau needs to put his own house in order before telling others about humanitarian rights.  Canada can set the stage by doing the right thing towards violence of its citizens.

In my opinion–a receiver!


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