Consequence of actions

THOUGHTS moves to action, Action produces results, and with the results comes consequences for good or bad.

We need to filter our thoughts.  Thoughts that trigger negative emotions.  When we encounter actions of others that provoke negative thoughts which move to express actions, one then need to grab a hold of self, to control out-burst of actions that will lead to bad conclusions.  Being patient with self as you ponder the action of others will lead to good conclusions on both sides.  War is with those who do not see the impeding danger of their actions.  Selfishness has tied itself around them and the end is not good even for those who are innocent.

The Canadian truckers protest is an example of what happens when sight is blinded, and passion over rules logic. The situation offers a reminder of the fragility of the  global supply chains to and from businesses that eventually affects individuals; and of the deep interdependence of the U.S. and Canadian economies, which exchange millions in imports and exports daily.

This pandemic and the Public Health restrictions that came with it, have brought together a number of disparate movements and ideologies.  And though the mandate applies to truckers crossing the U.S. border and not all truckers, “some are taking sides with the truckers’ convoy as has one Paul Aubue, a 64-year-old grandfather of a trucking company protesting the recent vaccine mandate and the vaccine passport.”

Locals who are frustrated, fed up, and at times in fear of leaving their homes are against the sustained protest.  “One local who give her name as Jennifer was called “”’a dumb cunt sheep’”” for wearing a mask says, “”I’m just done with those people.”” 

And that is what some siding with the convoy protesting wants—fear; fear, that will deter the actions of logic to good health, and back to a thriving  economy.

The government’s drastic measures are a sad one. But, at times to inject order and peace, drastic measures must be taken.  The truckers’ play on words of Trudeau’s father, is shallow thinking.  

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