Written by Bernadette Massiah.


ONTARIO Premier Doug Ford finally realize how ‘extremists can opportunistically redefine and hijack existing issues, holding their peers accountable when they normalize and accelerate narratives.’ Forced to recognize trucker convoy actions for what it is–harm to our economic lifeline–he is calling the protests in Ottawa a “Siege” and an “illegal occupation.” And will enact orders making it illegal to block borders and highways and impose $100.000 fine and prison terms who defy them.

IT IS time that lawmakers rewrite some rules of law to meet with current times. Peoples’ attitudes have change, no longer will they sit back to wait on changes. The right of free speech and assemble is there’s to use. People know this. What is now needed to implement is an allowed time to end assemble of expressions geared to protest of any kind. Had this been a Rule of Law, what is being observed in Ottawa would not be taking place right now, after two weeks.

TIMELINE given would have seen the assemble of truckers convoy gone by that given time; not done, with fines issued.

TORONTO’S assemble was a short period, thanks to law observers of Ottawa’s situation. So many opportunities given to learn and to make changes, some governing still don’t see the necessity to rewrite the rules.

THERE’S a time for all things under the sun. It is time for some Rules of Law be reviewed, rewritten and implemented.

Insight from The Globe and Mail.

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