By Bernadette Massiah

DIVERSITY is the growth of what Canada is to date.

PEOPLE CHANGE as they grow, for better or for worse from what they see, and how they are treated. Most have faith that their sons and daughters as they grow will have the courage to realize that real strength does not belong in numbers, but rather with the one/ or ones who stand up for truth, right, and justice.

Shorter or longer life who knows?

THIS IS not about race; we are in this fight together. The rules are simple, if you are not vaccinated, has a job, and must be among the public get the vaccine, be tested and quarantine, or prepare to lose your job; wear your mask and gloves if the case maybe.

THOSE STANDING to protest against vaccine, is guilty of sabotage against their own health, because when a system is over crowded, and the workers are burnt out, care received is not (quality) at its best, leading to death. People are dying daily not only due to this virus but will be if they cannot get life saving surgery. The medical system with its team of scientist have done the best they could to come up with a solution that is not full proof but is helping to alleviate the severe symptoms associated with this virus. Those standing with the protesters who are not native Canadians, Citizens, or Immigrants of this country–Canada is destroying our home. From actions not instigating peace but rather conflicts leading to separating of families and friends.

THERE IS a scripture at Luke 14:28 that asks, “Who of you who want to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense to see if he has enough to complete it?”

TO THE ORGANIZERS, have you people give thought as to bathroom breaks, food, and weather conditions before your undertaking this task of invading Ottawa?

WRITTEN AS confirmed, “some convoy protesters harassed and pressured workers of a local shelter, the Shepherds of Good Hope for food.” What is being observed in the capital, is disgraceful–the noise, the filth (defecating on property), the congestion–are actions expected from unruly children, lacking understanding. Just as respect for freedom of speech that is given comes with restrictions, so it is with respecting the facility, home or country of others. Given access into your home does not give the person/ or persons the right to do as they please. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, “Freedom of expression, association, and assembly are corner stone of democracy, but Nazi symbolism, racist imagery, defecation of memorials is not, it is an insult to memories.”

TO THE TRUCKERS, some of you may not have a job to go to as did express by some. But those who live here and have a job and who may be suffering from insomnia need to get to their place of employment or perform from home, is not being able to function properly due to your disruptive behavior.

YOU HAD your time, your say. You need to take your concerns to your companies, for it takes TWO to make things work. It is time to leave peacefully allowing Canadians to get back to their lives.

LOVE UPBUILDS and take hold of its responsibilities moving to peace.

Those who disagree with me may leave a comment.

Video Clip, Quotes are from Global News – Sean Boynton

Published by bernadette massiah

I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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