HAD A DAY that kept me back and fort with thoughts I had rather not dealt with.  Living in an apartment, those around seem to be out to kill me if not send me crazy.  And their intention I intend to fight for as long as the good Lord gives me the strength to wake each day.

Each word I write, each good intention to help those unaware of the psychotic game some are playing, they put a wall that I must jump.  I am working at getting my book out; a newfound career, but even as I try to push start my goal, I must deal with some who fear the truth of what I share will expose them for what they are—serum suckers and executioners of the poor.

THE REASON I take my thoughts to paper is so that what I say impresses upon my heart what I mean to say; my editing is done to perfect clarity of what was said for my readers understanding.  The second reason is to avoid conflicts of those who walk in the footsteps of the father of lies—Satan—who some still deny exist.  An angel who is capable of projections and an invader of the mind; some stands fearful of losing status by not telling the truth.  Those knowing this fact—lies—draws a crowd, money, and fame.  And those of weak minds will continue to be governed by the ruler of lies—Satan, for a time.

For it is written at 1 Timothy 5:24 as it is also stated: there is no secret hidden that will not be revealed in time.

MY WISH is that Until My Dying Day will encourage those that read its content to stand up for truth; will be enlighten from its content as they look within themselves to see, to find their own creative abilities.


WE ARE ALL leaders in our own domain.  However, not all are or can be business owners.  To be a business owner calls for many skill sets, especially in times like this.  Therefore, though you may be a jack of all trades, not a master of one there are many things to consider before jumping ahead.

BUSINESS SKILLS                           Versus DOMAIN OWNERSHIP             

Computer skillsBasic
Sales and MarketingLimited to extent
Purchasing skillsLimited
Motivational speakerMay or may not have skill
Accounting basic to extentBasic to extent
Reads lots of business booksReads less or more
Knowledge of hazardous addon toolsBasic to none
Consider what sets you apart

WITH THESE differences many who find themselves wanting to follow in the footsteps of their neighbor—Jack—needs to consider their resources and skills by asking questions that get to the core of their reason.

Is it because where I am at presently?  Perhaps you have outgrown your position and sees the boss incompetent for the growth of the company. 

Or you are tired of being bossed around?  If that’s the case, keep in mind while things may be at an advantage for your neighbor—Jack, it may not be an advantage for you.

A recent survey of American employees’ shows half of 2,000 employed Americans found 59 percent have contemplated quitting their jobs to have a letter of resignation written, but haven’t followed through with sending it to management. 

“”The common reasons are finding a new job that offers better pay (57%), better work/life balance (58%) and better working conditions (54%)””

 LOOK AT SOME service web sites, and you will notice the amount of advertisement for the same product.  Some of these business owners you will find fair in their cost could charge more, but don’t, because they are in business not only for the money, but sincerely to provide a service dear to their heart. Making this scriptural truth factual: There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

While others, whether their work is excellent or bad, their cost is astronomical.  They are the ones in business for the money, and don’t really care about customer satisfaction.  Some of those you will find do business in a deceitful manner.  Knowing how to dodge the law of conducting business, and lawyers that cleverly write their contracts.  And with the courts you’ll find, some judges like the underhanded business owners don’t give a fair judgement.

Business owners are stressed; time, money, and effort not being paid off brings a new problem onto society—mental confusion with psychotic behavior.

KEEP in mind although we are all leaders and owners of our domain, not all are cut out to be business owners.

Written by Bernadette Massiah

January 29, 2022.

Employee survey from 21Hats.com

Free photo from Dreamstime.com

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I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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