Train a child from infancy so when he grows old he will remember!

ONCE a child, I thought as a child, played, and made cranks on others as a child; those days gone with remembrance of lessons learnt.  Now, I speak to you from this position of higher intellect.

We are here to be taught and to teach. 

TECHNOLOGY has opened a New World.  More than before many have become creative in the way of conducting and doing business.  Technology has allowed for the freedom of information and the opportunity to nurture empathy.  However, with this newfound freedom comes intrusion into our lives not expected.  Social sites and businesses are hacked into, and personal information gather leaves some vulnerable to the lazy one’s way of manipulation to feed off one’s (my) hard work.  A business by the wiser as they recruit and train those eager for wealth and fame. 

CHILDREN around the world are raised differently—no doubt, however there’s a few fundamentals that must be instill within a child as they grow. They are: To greet each day with appreciation giving thanks to God.  Not to speak to strangers.  Saying thank you to those that give. To knock before entering a room.  To show respect with the words please or may I. To be content working with what they have.  And to work for what they need.  With these fundamentals the world will be a better place.  Teach them not to allow the dishonesty of others to push them to do the same.

 For the day of defrauding is soon ending and those caught in it’s trap will perish.

IT IS TIME credit be given where it is due.  A person who does not take his responsibilities seriously is one who looks for clutches.  Someone to blame for his/or her poverty in life.  The Government cannot be blame for everything; for the systems in place that gives financial aid, should be sufficient once each one keeps a simple eye.  For greed is what stabs all over in pain.

 Each one makes mistakes and that includes a group, an organization, and a people.  As, each need to look past the failure or injustice done by their peers by showing better judgement in situations.  This should not be in the case where a group, an organization or a people injustice is seen towards an individual.  The support of those who can see the disadvantage of such groups needs to step in, with support in helping to bring about the change/or changes fighting for.

Appreciation for social sites (as an example Facebook) that allows for the share of our voices, organization, and fight for equality be given an applaud. 

Regardless of age, and intelligence some of us daily fight a battle against those in certain position for our survival.  I speak from experience.  It is not mentally easy when innocent of the wicked deeds of others.  Our struggles and pain tell us we are alive.  For an enemy does not pursue some one dead.

 I am alive!

PARENTS, if you an adult are experiencing difficulties imagine what your little ones are going through.  Communicate with them and draw them to God’s way of handling situations in a manner that shows kindness and exercises justice. 

Teach them to speak out and stand firm against violence as you show them that example.  Children as do adults look to others for inculcated examples.  Unfortunately, some children do not filter out the bad examples, and depends on the age of the child the bad ones leave an impression.

Teach them that the risks they take will come with consequences.  We must take risks in our lives, but to use logic.

A reminded thought from Swami Vivekananda I once read when taking risks is this: If they should win, they can lead; if they should lose, they can guide.

Therefore, there is no shame, as we are here to learn and grow from our experiences.

WE are like flowers that beautify a garden, however, not all can thrive together in one place.  To maintain survival and growth some must be separated as too much sunlight or water will destroy them.  So, it is with humankind in the sense of growth.  Some of us need to be among others like our selves seeking knowledge to know the whys and how something applies to (each one of) us.

Remember the days of your youth to now a woman, a mother, or a man, a husband.  Don’t look back at what should have been done to make you a better person because no matter the teaching, in the end the choice was yours to make.  To walk back is to never move forward.  A person can only look back to change what is in the present.  We, each has made mistakes, and had each the knowledge that is now available better decisions, better choices would have been made.  Some of us would not have been so comfortable in our privileged, access, and benefits that desensitize the cry of the oppress from our ears to assist in their survival. 

NOW is the time, although things may look bleak, for us to use the resources at hand for peace, growth, and prosperity.  Act as mature adults using technology in the way it is meant to be used, to move each other forward.

Written by Bernadette Massiah

Dated: 2022-01-18

Published by bernadette massiah

I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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