For the one that does not practice mercy will have his judgment without mercy. Mercy exults triumphantly over judgment.


on narcissism I was moved to look into the meaning of different kinds of love and how one tend to express them in real life circumstances.

the six stems from love’s root are first being the primary Love and is defined as: An intense feeling of fondness or attraction deeper and stronger than liking, especially when associated with a romantic or sexual attachment to someone; that’s love’s meaning.  From that emotion comes the other six listed below.  Agapic love which comes from the Greek word a-gápe

  1. Agapic love: A secondary type of brotherly love that is altruistic and selfless and is a combination of erotic love and storgic love.
  2. Erotic love: A primary type of love that is passionate and erotic being rooted in sexual attraction
  3. Ludic Love: A primary type of love that is playful and flirtatious
  4. Manic Love: A secondary form of love that is obsessive and/or possessive, often being associate with jealousy and is a combination of erotic love and ludic love,
  5. Pragmatic love: A secondary type of love that is practical and utilitarian and is a combination of Ludic love and storgic love.
  6. Storgic love: A primary type of love that is friendly/affectionate and is based on caring and nurturing.

We are born with the ability and the need to give love and as we give, we also yearn the feeling of it from others.  Some who have been hurt in the past will only go to a certain degree in expressing this emotion.  A degree that will not make them venerable to really express their true self as their emotion are hidden behind their shyness to express themselves or fear of being emotionally hurt again.  On the other hand, some will express this emotion by aggression, which stems from jealousy of the person they deeply care for whose interest in them is not of the same.  This emotional aggression leads them to playful mental games, that leads to personal possession—in their mind—for the other person who may or may not have the notion of the narcissist intension; could care less of what his/or her goals are.  Possessed by their own[Manic, Ludic and Erotic love] emotions for the other person, their mental state becomes fogged to understanding the damage their action/s causes the other, and so they continue in their world consumed with ideas of revengeful actions to get the other to succumb to their manipulation to the point of receiving sexual gratification from their subject/victim—who were less the wiser to seeing their intended fall.

Most…if not all churches teaches their congregation to have the type of love Jesus has for his followers, that is called Agapic, which comes from the Greek word a-gápe.  This type of love is altruistic and selfless, passionate, friendly, and affectionate.  However, Agapic love can be challenging not only because of our imperfection but lack of being balance with and in our emotions.

To explain…if one is not emotionally strong with the emotions that over comes them, they could fall into temptation by committing the sexual act with the one attracted to.  When one is in their emotion, meaning, to be in one’s total state of consciousness, then they are strong to not be overcome by their sexual attraction that pushes to commit the sexual act.

In the case of a narcissists although having some mental understanding of his/or her actions that is damaging, even though he/or she has embodied their victim, without the victim’s self-awareness of the force actuating their mind moving to act out of character, the narcissist wins by the victim’s actions.  In the sense that what quote the elite-class unquote in society concludes as actions not professional—damages the victim’s opportunity within society—judges, that are ignorant of a behavior and if not wise to look at the actions leading up to the victim’s cruel act, puts them away, locked up in a world they do not belong.

Leaves to think how many within the systems that write, implement, and run these organization are narcissist.  One’s who take the power granted to them misuses it by their unbalance ruling or to satisfy their ego by their display of power to save or destroy.

To understand the stems of love, one will be able to form genuine relationships that are healthy.  For knowledge appropriately apply saves life. 

There is a saying that there is someone in this world that is meant for another, and it is only a matter of time before a narcissist finds a love that was meant for them.  

Written by: Bernadette Massiah.

Published by bernadette massiah

I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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