Climate change is one area where there’s a real dialogue in working together.

Today we are moving from a history of theory and practice in personal growth and challenge to a responsible consideration of social change.  The challenge of this New Age lies in a process of transforming fear—which means we must face our responsibility, or flee from our responsibility—and we have no room for thought, we have to face our responsibility where climate change is concern.  We must turn our suspicions into trust between people, and this can be done through a process of re-education of people, beginning with modeling of new forms of government leadership.

In the Transformation as Sandbox Syndromes, in Gary’s opinion, “conditions do not need to be changed, people do.  The proper task is for people to adjust themselves to their environment to the extent they can accept them and not be distracted by them to the extent they can fuse facts and value through acceptance.”  We have got to change the way we had always done things such as the way our diseased, deceased are buried, our reduction of carbon emission, our overuse of energy, and our callous attitude towards the environment in whole.  The Greeks have a notion of how people bring about their own destruction and that is by overstepping limits; this notion stands correct in our day, we have overstepped our limits, and change needs to be done now.


Kerry’s mission ‘“As President Joe Biden’s top international climate official, is to convince China to abandon coal as a power source and go carbon neutral by 2060.  ‘”We have an opportunity to have positive impact in Glasgow, but it really depends on choices at this point that China makes because we’ve made our choice,” Kerry said. “President Biden has put America on a course to have 50-56% reduction,” of carbon emission relative to 2005 levels by 2030”’  Biden’s own decarbonization goal has not yet been met.

President Trudeau at the Nations climate summit COP26 conference meeting has announced that he was cutting subsidies that help oil and natural gas companies operate and expand outside Canada by the end of next year.  The US, New Zealand and Costa Rica are also among a total of 24 countries signing the international statement of taking such action.  Will their commitment fail or succeed by 2050 deadline is to be seen.

Impact of climate change from 2010 to now have seen millions die from hurricanes, earthquakes and diseases and hunger.

Climate impacts-infographics-2018


Humanity future survival has tipped—on the scales of balance—to the point, where everything is at stake if leaders do not take Climate actions.  ‘“The unhealthy choices that are killing our planet are killing our people as well,” said Dr. Maria Neira, director of Public Health and Environment at World Health organization.”’

Research source CBC News and CNN.

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