October 13, 2021

THOUGHT BROADCAST DELUSION…it is a delusion that one’s thoughts are being disseminated in a way that enable others to know them. 

Why I choose to address this topic has to do with conversations from some and my own circumstances who have been under the watchful eyes of others, as one would an animal.  Confused are those who have sensed their thoughts from the actions of others to be know are told that they are or is delusional; is far from the truth? Individuals who think that their thoughts are being disseminated are in fact not delusional as have been told by a psychiatrist or an acquaintance.  Such ones have not study man’s spirituality or has not lived long to gain the experiences of their patients.  Not only does our spirituality play a role, but from the mind games of the watcher, he or she is over a time, able to predict their subject’s thoughts; therefore, manipulating circumstances around them that will cause seen actions from others as their thoughts being disseminated.

Whether written or in one’s subconscious, the watcher can hack into both files.


THE SUBJECT THOUGHTS are his own and this fact told as a belief, that no one knows our thoughts but God, is not conclusive, as the God of this system can manipulate our thoughts by presentation of situation that leads one to act in the watcher’s best interest; such seen action by the subject he/she feels their thoughts are being disseminated.  This is also true for the person’s physical files where their thoughts are written.  By computer hack or home invasion information is taken and used to manipulate situations that best suites the watcher.

Now, unless the subject is mentally aware he or she will think to be, and treated by a psychiatrist as, and conclude by others, that they are delusional when in fact they are only ignorant of their spirituality and the invader—watcher’s manipulation.


TO BE AWARE is liken to a person speaking to you.  You observe their eye contact; body [movement] language; facial expression; comments they ignore to respond too.  When aware you learn a lot about a person, the same goes for your environment.  When you neglect to pay attention you will miss the clandestine actions of others towards you—actions, that will move you to react in their best interest than your own.  And this is what the watcher wants.  Of course, there are names for the watcher such as Narcissist, Psychopath and madman/crazy as they are others as we come together from different parts of the world.  However, not to miss my point we need more than before, now in this 20th century to be aware of our surroundings and those we daily interact with, for their actions whether instigated by the watcher or them acting out what they read from an Author’s work or view on television can have an impact on our physical body and mental state, and the only way of staying fit is to become awake, and choose your battle.  YOU ARE NOT DELUSIONAL AS WERE TAUGHT!

I ONCE READ, “ Kindness has many open positions and there is no competition.”  Apply Kindness to an open position today.

Writen by Bernadette Massiah.

Published by bernadette massiah

I am a creative writer and editor. I love to travel meeting different nationalities, reading and exercising.

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