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This post is an extension on, a voice from the dead.  My thoughts expressed what is the state of the dead; are we able to communicate with the dead, and things we should do before death. 

Death is an expectation, yet an unwelcome expectation when a loved one dies.  Recently, as you and I read the news in every country, in every nation death is a never-ending topic. It is also not unusual in these times, as people’s attitudes change, to hear many talks about dreaming of deaths. 

Note this may be a dream that indicate a challenge we must confront.

Some have set themselves up websites to counsel, console, and prepare those dying, even making it a party celebration of the person passing [as it should be] a joyous occasion for the one who (may) had been in pain for days, months, and years.  But the very thought of not [seeing] them again is what gives pain to our souls, especially if words kept within were not expressed in letting them know of your forgiveness or love for them. 

Grief is something we will all go through, and no one can tell someone how they should grieve.  However, in all you do remember to let your heart and not your head determine how you feel.  Share your memories.  And most importantly, take care of yourself.

Within the span of five years, I have had the opportunity to witness five deaths among my family members and relatives.  And like Jesus, I was moved to tears, John 11:35. However, like Martha, I know that there will be a resurrection, Revelation 20:4-5.  What I don’t know is whether they will be granted life eternity in the New World that is promise in Revelation 21:1.

However, until a loved one dies many families don’t know the extent of end-of-life options, including the details of cremation, traditional burial, and the selection of a final resting place.  This I found out from experience within my own family.  I have gone to funerals before, but never thought of the details involved. My first experience was my mother’s funeral.  My sisters were the ones that washed and prepared mom for burial, (as they did Patsy, told she burped).  The manner in preparation is much different from the way other countries prepare the dead for burial, so the cost was not surmountable.

During a conversation with an acquaintance on death, I made known this fact that is affecting life on our planet, the improper burial of our dead.  Although we must give thanks to the creator for the arrangements of the universe, in the way the sun, moon, and stars give energy, light, and the right gases for our planet’s sustaining life; there is no doubt that man has created, has done, and is doing many things in the manner that will eventually destroy us, unless changes are implemented.

Global Pandemics that see the death of thousands [in my opinion] should be cremated.  Hear me out, before getting defensive.  These are diseases that are uncurable and even with the procedure done to the dead before burial it is not enough in support for the health of the earth from which our foods and drinking water come.  Of course, each of us has the choice to choose how we are buried after expired, and there should be no  judging.  However, whether by cremation or six feet in the ground the end results we return to ashes.  


People experience many different ways of death; some by drownings, some by fire, some by beheadings, and some by natural death.  It doesn’t matter in what way one dies; God is able to resurrect that one from the manner in which he died. Faith is the assured expectation of things promise. Hebrews 11:1.  As Christians we are given a new commandment, that is to love each other.  When someone loves another, they look out for that one’s best interest.  However, unlike Jesus, not everyone is willing to lay down his life on behalf of his brother. This laying down that I speak of is in the manner in which the person is laid to rest. Times have changed, and in laying down our life [in death] should be with the thought of our loved ones left to live on this earth.  Many talk about leaving a planet worth living on for the future of our children, well, the only way that will happen is through education, and doing the right things.  For further thoughts you may read, Is our planet doomed? At www.WordPress@Bettertheend.ca

Throughout the centuries man has not come to the realization that what they keep doing, from the improper burial of the dead, is in effect producing stronger and bigger Superbugs, strains of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that are resistant to most of the antibiotic, and other medications commonly used to treat the infections that they cause. Throughout the centuries, superbugs infect more than 2 million people and killed at least 23,000 people nationwide.  Because of their immunity to antibiotics, it becomes vital to take precautions to prevent them from spreading diseases.


Some of you may be surprised, but statistic shows more and more are choosing cremation due to financial reason. Secondly, unavailable cemetery lots.  I have found that the cost for a Traditional funeral can start from approximately 3,500$ to 10,000$.  Cremation on the other hand is much less costly starting from 1,595$ in most places in the States and Canada. In Canada cremation with final viewing is an estimate of 3,275$ and Cremation with memorial service an estimate of 3,600$.  On top of that, the after gathering can run up another 1,000$ or more depending on the number of catered guests.


Preserving the body has roots to ancient Egypt as early as 6000 BC.  Only today, some of those traditional method is not applied, but the procedure remains the same.  The  job of an Embalmer…

  • First the body is washed in a disinfectant and the limbs are massaged.
  • Secondly, the eyes are closed using glue or plastic eye caps that holds them in place.
  • Thirdly, the lower jaw is secured by wires or sewing.  Once the jaw is secured the mouth can be manipulated into the desire position.
  • Fourth, the blood is removed from the body and replaced with formaldehyde-based chemicals through the arteries, this may also contain glutaraldehyde methanol, ethanol, phenol, water and dyes.  After the arterial embalming the body’s cavities must be embalmed as well.  So, a small incision is made in the lower part of the abdomen and a trocar (a sharp surgical instrument) is inserted into the body cavity.  The organs in the chest cavity and the abdomen are then punctured and drained of gas and fluid contents.  Formaldehyde-based chemicals are subsequently injected, and once the incision is sutured, the body is fully embalmed.

Once complete an appropriate amount of cosmetics are applied.  The deceased hair is washed and set as per the family’s request, dressed and the body is placed by a Mortician or Embalmer into a casket prepared for visitation, service or cremation.


Cremation vs. Traditional burial only has to do with the time of decomposition.  Either way, from dust we came and to dust we shall return—Genesis 3:19

Decomposition begins around four minutes after a person dies and follows four stages of decomposing.

  • The first is known as Autolysis, which begins immediately after death.
  • The second stage is Bloating to the body as leaked enzyme’s from the first stage begin producing many gases, that gives the body a bloating look from the sulfur-containing compounds that the bacteria releases and can cause skin discoloration.  In addition, insect activity can be present.
  • The third stage is Active Decay, organs, muscles, and skin become liquefied.  Hair, bones, and cartilage and other by products remain.
  • The fourth stage, Skeletonization.

Decomposition varies due to weather, temperature, moisture, PH, and oxygen level.

  • 24-72 hours after death the internal organs decompose.
  • 3-5 days after death the body starts to bloat and blood containing foam leaks from the mouth and nose.
  • 8-10 days after death the body turns from green to red as the blood decomposes and the organs in the abdomen accumulate gas.
  • 8-10 days after death the body turns from green to red as the blood decomposes and the organs in the abdomen accumulate gas.
  • 1 month after death the body starts to liquefy.

Whatever choice chosen may it be for the love of Christ, and your fellow men left behind!

For further information on this topic find below a few links and videos, especially the first that extends on my thoughts highlighting scriptural viewpoints of God’s word.

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