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Welcome to my #blog.  Have a seat and let me get right into part two.  I hope you were all able to gather some information from part one, regards to Bylaws in place for feeding wildlife and how many pets an apartment dweller is allowed to have in buildings, by going onto the website.


The turmoil and trauma of the pandemic has pushed many into new ways of thinking, new career choices, and a new way of protecting ourselves.  During isolation many like myself have looked inward to analyze their lives, for their anger, and stress to overcome or have to handle due to loss of a job, a home, a spouse, a loved one, and even their own lack of tolerance towards others selfish, aggressive behaviors.  With time on hand some have done as I have, turned to others to find comfort and coping mechanisms through their written work and videos.  And has found our resilience to repair and rebuild lies in the power of our thoughts; used in the right way.


Communication is a two-way street, you speak, I listen before responding.  When this simple rule is not followed confusion happens, and tempers flare.  In today’s society I find this simple rule is neglected by so many due to our troubled minds.  Our minds are so stressed out, that respect is lost during communication with another.

 In my defense, I truly tried to get to the question asks of me, why am I feeding the birds, to making peace with the tenant’s request besides my unit, to avoid the dirty water getting on to her porch when cleaning.  However, in all attempts and written letters personally delivered to the units above, besides, and below me, seen the police at my door on New Year’s Day.  I don’t know what recordings were shown to the officer, but for those whose eyes are on my activity can see that FOR YEARS, only two birds after the white one disappeared have been coming onto the balcony.

What I have notice with confrontations in life is this, it only takes one person to start a fire, and the weak of mind follows.  I have never had a problem with anyone until the tenant next to my unit moved in.  And with all I did in keeping my surroundings clean and my safety concerned conscious, when the deeds of the wicked ones were being done during my absence, no one notice as to alert my attention.  I tell you those in society that try to do good, and are honest, are always given a difficult time.

Not so far off from the species of animals not only do we use our instinct—natural skills, but with our intellect we are able to reason and understand if not done through research or reading, that a problem exists from our observation of our surroundings.  Our training from infancy is what separates some of us from a majority who is still in that psychosis mode from the entertainment industry who pushes that survival is to be brutal, competitive, selfish, and aggressive; is the norm.  And so, our human life continues to exists with wars among us because the mind is blocked from freedom to cure the intellect urge to be brutal, competitive selfish and aggressive.  And until the mind is unblocked by first our admittance that we are suffering from a conscious psychological mind base trouble conditioning these behaviors will forever continue.  Secondly, understanding we have the power to change these behaviors by our understanding of the WHAT triggers.  If not done, hatred will forever be shown by some towards others and especially those not of one’s nationality due to underlining racism.  



Bill 23 devastating impacts on Ontario water system is threatening humans and wildlife.  The Walkerton tragedy was a brutal reminder of the dangers created when humans ignore the risks posed by our natural world. There’s no doubt that Toronto needs more housing and affordable ones; for those living in poverty, who try to maintain their responsibility with what they earn from a full-time job, a part-time job, or an occasional job.  Then there are the homeless, some who are still trying with what little financial support they get to support themselves through the difficult times they have found themselves.  While others could care less [who makes it difficult for others], that even with some buildings as shelters; we all can agree needs more, especially during the winter months although some refuse to occupy them due to the filth [from those with a don’t care attitude].

As much as Doug Ford’s building project is geared to a better Toronto’s future occupancy and help for those helping themselves, the problem lies in our drinking water and air.  Overpopulation, the air becomes polluted, and our drinking water becomes contaminated.  And I am not the only one who has complained about this problem (in a way the pandemic moved many to look at the problem with our environment and the cause effect) which has moved management to replace pipes in my building, and the city to look at underground pipes and sewage drainage.

“‘The most fundamental lesson learned from Walkerton is how much we rely on the health of our environment for our own wellbeing,’” Environmental Defense wrote in 2020.  “‘It also shows us that what happens on the land impacts our water.  It’s all part of an interconnected system.  Our drinking water comes from the lakes and groundwater aquifers near our communities.  Those freshwater sources are vulnerable to threats if strong environmental rules aren’t followed,”’ reported in The Pointer.

These warnings came before the PC government introduced its recent swath of legislation centered on Bill 23, Doug Ford’s housing plan which will replace and loss the habitat that house protected species.

 The most crucial element of our environment being overlooked is water itself.  Here is Andrew McCammon’s explanation: “‘The water filtrates through sand and gravel and it becomes underground, clear filtered and cooled water which emerges elsewhere,’” President of the Ontario Headwaters Institute.  Therefore, with all the buildings’ construction this will surely affect our water system.

Thanks for your time spent reading my blog.  For more information, listed below you will find additional information on Bill23.  Stay tune for Angel’s frustration and my motherly concern for her weight loss.

  • Bill 23 has been enacted as Chapter 21 of the Statutes of Ontario 2022


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