THERE IS a saying, “Talk is cheap, blows are unkind.” Although words are indeed cheap, for the thoughts of one man is also of another expressed similarly, they can hurt when spread like gangrene. Understanding is with the wise, and not with those mentally immature, or those whose pride takes away confidence that causes them to loss friendship. There is a period with time all need to learn to do something better, even those gifted. Through trials and errors knowledge is gain that moves to wisdom in a thing or project. Some are fortunate to have money to pay others to perfect what they want; others without the financial wealth must read to try to get a thing or project to look, and express the idea intended. Only done in time!

WHEN I started WordPress, I had no idea how to work the App, but I knew what I needed it for–to express my thoughts from what I was observing around me, as I invite others to join me; hoping that through interchange of thoughts and ideas we will find peace in this chaotic world. After trying to figure out the App, and I thought when done it was good, and was even encourage by one who liked the page, to me however, still needed a professional touch. So, I decided to hook up with Fiverr Customer Support for help (I was trying do a logo). A few days after I started to get tons of emails within the day. This not only confused me but anger me. I knew this could only be coming from one source and it had to be from the company I hooked up with. So, I fired off an email with my complaint. A few days past before I got a response for the delayed, “What did you do?” I was asked. “I was just looking around to see what was the problem.” “I will look into the issue,” concluded the representative; eventually the problem was solved.

MY TAKEAWAY from the issue, I failed to respond to some of the emails gotten where I could have developed contacts. Second takeaway, most, not all emails [as they were too many] failed to give constructive criticism. As mention earlier, time is what improves our knowledge and makes us wiser. It was only as of recently it dawn on me as I looked through the App to make some changes after reading a WordPress Newsletter received, that I notice the Home page, Welcome block hadn’t my site name or purpose for the page. Only with time!

WORDPRESS HAS been good in developing new ways to improve the look of each one’s webpage, and email sent outs; of course, some of these implementation cost, so is the education. For those without the financial wealth will have to do a lot of reading, or just feel their way around the App. However, a note of caution, be sure not to press “publish” until you are sure the look, the links, the instructions, and all input are done properly, or you will have the whole lot laughing; hopefully with you, and not at you. Only with time!

MY WEBPAGE is not yet finish for there is still a few more things I need to add, so, for those who have been following my progress, thanks for looking-in while allowing me to perfect it. Further, any suggestions will be considered, as thanks goes out to those who contribute their thoughts as they laugh with me. Only with time!


RANSOMEWARE attacks on businesses have increased by one third percent in the past year, according to a recent report by a Boston-based company–Cybereason 73% of businesses were hit at least one ransomware attack in the past year, and 68% who paid a ransom were attack again in less than a month.

NOT ONLY are the attacks on businesses but those in practice are targeting personal computers. I can recall when Grammarly Inc spell check would just highlight an incorrect word giving the correct one; now I find the spellcheck to be giving multiple words that spells the same making you choose. For those whose spelling are weak and not familiar with the meaning of words may, and can easily make mistakes sending the wrong message. Thus, putting you on a comedy stage–an entertainer, for some whose intellect lacks insight; seeing only the flaw, ready to criticized. Once the button ‘send’; (and sometimes even before the send button is click–many times in my experience–it seems the computer reads your mind before your actions; sends the message), in seconds an incomplete message with spelling mistakes are in the public’s view.

THE ACTION done by the computer, the hackers or yourself forces you, now, to do some PR damage, and although the opportunity is given to correct any mistakes once sent by clicking on the ellipsis points, the confirmation leading to comical reactions by some fools, are done. But this is what life is all about, our mistakes are given to laughter, and takes us back to the age of innocence.

See your thoughts in my next post!


Dream image

IT SEEM since COVID-19 hit the world; the death toll is about the same in comparison to over a few centuries.  It has been two months since we—the family—laid my sister, the fourth of eight siblings to rest from heart failure.

THE GRIEF we all go through in times of losing a loved one differs with each one. Some take to the internet to find any psychic that can connect them to the loved one passed.  Some to drinking or overeating.  Others drown themselves in work.  And, yet others seem to have been buried with the dead; for they lack motivation to move on.

FOR ME getting back to writing seem to be a chore rather than the love I once had in expressing my thoughts.  I don’t have writer’s block for the thoughts are there, and I could see the sentences one after the other just floating around my mind just waiting physical extraction to be placed on paper in order of occurrences expressed coherently.  However, when I get to writing the activity seem to be like lifting weights that give pain to my hand’s movement.  This cause from the mental pain—I found out through meditation—is from the loss of my sister, the injustices seen in the world today, and the ignorance of some I daily live among that makes writing difficult at this time.

What do I do to get back into my routine of writing?

STEP BY STEP and one reaches their destination.  Right!  So, with prayers each day, and reading of or listening to a chapter or two from the Bible; I am finding my way back on the journey, the road leading to my goal of writing.

THE VIEW along the road is not filled with much joy as things seen, heard, and tolerated by some in society is what has caused my hindrance.  For as I look around, death is mostly what I see among those struggling to survive.  Keeping one’s mind awake, alert, and focus is so difficult especially when fighting against the ones with hatred in their hearts, whose goal is to cause separation, war, and strife.

I SEE from my sister’s death, and get to know the importance of having trusted friends.  The importance preparedness plays in each one’s life; for we are here a short time not a long time.  Therefore, the order of things at the end—whenever that is—should be as it was during one’s lifetime.  For when things are not in order as they should be, thieves break in and steal due to absent of the one’s mind during their lifetime or after their death. 

THE BIBLE warns us of what a true friend is like.  He/ or she is a brother when in distress.  Has anyone found such a friend, then you are given a blessing from God.


ONE DAY during a family gathering at my niece’s home a conversation struck up about the importance of WILLS.  The visitor mother’s daughter said, “I told mommy to make a Will, but she says she is afraid too.”  What is there to be afraid of?  A Last Will and Testament relates the person’s last desired wishes during immobility before death and after their death.  It puts in order HOW the estate should be allocated, and to whom WHAT items should be given.

SO MANY families fall apart due to this order not written, a Last Will and Testament.  Sometimes even before death, fights among themselves develop as to who should get what items.  Arguments could be avoided if all family members are gathered together, with the owner of the estate as his/ or her wishes are expressed.  And, with advance technology use of it; peace is accomplished by the meeting of all in attendance.

WITHOUT a Last Will and Testament all that the dead one inherited during his/ or her lifetime of hard work regards properties is left in the hands of the Government to do as they please.


THE TRUTH will set anyone (us) free.  Each one will believe what they want to believe.  As it was in Noah’s day, so it is today.  People were laughing, eating, and celebrating, and the flood came and washed them all away.  Today, many ignore the Bible’s warning about looking into spirit mediums.  The reason the Bible has been preserved down to our day is to protect us, as there are many books written by one’s experiences to guide us. 

The wise are the ones that listen.

To believe in a loved one talking to you is to totally deny the Bible; God’s heavenly organization, and his adversary—Satan. 

SATAN IS an angel in opposition of God’s rule and will twist the truth for his own purpose.  Through us his lies enriches the one untruthful with others.  Below listed in your own Bibles are scriptures leading you to the truth of the dead, and the duties of Angels.

FOREMOST IN power and authority is Michael the archangel—Jesus Christ,

Seraphs served as attendants at God’s throne declaring God’s holiness and keeping his people spiritually clean.

Cherubs, associates of God’s throne upholds Jehovah’s majesty.

Other angels under him are agents of Jehovah and carry out the divine will.

Michael’s dispute with Satan                       Jude 9

Meeting with Seraphs                                    Isaiah 6:1-3

Working with Cherubs                                   Ezekiel 10: 1-4

The end of a past                                              Genesis 7:6-24

Warned trying to speak to the dead         Leviticus 19:32

Condition of the dead                                    Ecclesiastes 9:5,10

Fortune telling condemned                         Acts 16:16-18

WE THE living will continue to have dreams.  It will serve best to remember such as there is good and bad people among the living, so it is among the angelic forces; much stronger in projecting their desires. 

Continue reading “A VOICE FROM THE DEAD…IS IT?”


When will those that make and implement the law, open their eyes, and uses their sense of logic? 

For decades society’s changing attitudes and way of life has seen no review of past laws rewritten to discipline those taking advantage of their position in the perpetration of committing and embedding  violence.

Perhaps if the same that they have done to others should be done to their families or to them; those that allow and participate in the injustices of heinous crimes, will stop.

One man cannot do everything, the reason God has angels, and the reason man has assistances.  Instead of fighting against each other and political parties against the other, you all should be working together to set examples of those who commit crimes by using the law.

Where are the judges who are supposed to be educated in the way of justice?


Extreme intoxication that produces a psychotic state can be a defence to violent crimes such as sexual assaults and stabbing because the law that bands it is unconstitutional.  Recognizing the fundamental flaw in the Federal’s approach that risks wrongful convictions by allowing punishment for involuntary conduct, the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously ruled on Friday.

A federal law from 1995 that blocks the use of the defense. 

The Federal law “”enables conviction for conduct that an accused person was not aware of and could not control and therefore cannot be a ‘guilty act’ as defined by the underlying offences,”” Justice Nicholas Kasirer wrote for the court. “”This result follows even where individuals ingest alcohol or drugs in common-place situations where there is no subjective or objective foresight of automatism or violence.””


The consideration of alcohol consumption in public places is a way for the man of violence to control those innocents of being manipulated into doing their dirty work to only increase.  What I have observe and mentally endure, draws this conclusion. Foolishness is tied up with the stupid ones—young and old.  I see a people (some) young and old still mentally immature.  Instead of doing onto others as they would like done to self in ways of good, they do what is bad in the eyes of God and their fellow man.

Trying to implement rules seen in other countries will not work at home, due to differences in culture and mentality. Torontonians in the past has seen the chaos in the parks from consumption of alcohol, and to implement this behavior without thoughtful reflection is taking two steps back instead of forward.

Seriously, allowing this law is furthering the slackness and irresponsibility of those who already drive intoxicated killing innocent individuals, to those who are under extreme influence, liken to driving without brakes using the idea of criminal negligence to exercise punishment for crimes to walk. The Supreme Court must keep individual human rights at the forefront when it rules on extreme intoxication defense.


Living in Government housing is not a walk in the park.  Sure, one enjoys a rent affordable to their income, but the mental torment by some neighbors is like being homeless having to fight to survive.  One’s survival is even worse when you are of a minority in the working world who must cope with racism, and the attitude of leaders corrupt by their sense of power.

Complaints of committed offences often go unheard due to the turn of blindness on the part of those to help.  Unpunished, due to fear from those who have committed the crime.

Laws need to be rewritten to reflect the current times; rules need to be implemented to fit situations and need to start with those who presumptive actions call for set examples.

President Trudeau needs to put his own house in order before telling others about humanitarian rights.  Canada can set the stage by doing the right thing towards violence of its citizens.

In my opinion–a receiver!


Caption Information:

 The Globe and Mail

 Adrian Wyld/ the Canadian Press.

CTV News, on implementing drinking in public parks.



Consequence of actions

THOUGHTS moves to action, Action produces results, and with the results comes consequences for good or bad.

We need to filter our thoughts.  Thoughts that trigger negative emotions.  When we encounter actions of others that provoke negative thoughts which move to express actions, one then need to grab a hold of self, to control out-burst of actions that will lead to bad conclusions.  Being patient with self as you ponder the action of others will lead to good conclusions on both sides.  War is with those who do not see the impeding danger of their actions.  Selfishness has tied itself around them and the end is not good even for those who are innocent.

The Canadian truckers protest is an example of what happens when sight is blinded, and passion over rules logic. The situation offers a reminder of the fragility of the  global supply chains to and from businesses that eventually affects individuals; and of the deep interdependence of the U.S. and Canadian economies, which exchange millions in imports and exports daily.

This pandemic and the Public Health restrictions that came with it, have brought together a number of disparate movements and ideologies.  And though the mandate applies to truckers crossing the U.S. border and not all truckers, “some are taking sides with the truckers’ convoy as has one Paul Aubue, a 64-year-old grandfather of a trucking company protesting the recent vaccine mandate and the vaccine passport.”

Locals who are frustrated, fed up, and at times in fear of leaving their homes are against the sustained protest.  “One local who give her name as Jennifer was called “”’a dumb cunt sheep’”” for wearing a mask says, “”I’m just done with those people.”” 

And that is what some siding with the convoy protesting wants—fear; fear, that will deter the actions of logic to good health, and back to a thriving  economy.

The government’s drastic measures are a sad one. But, at times to inject order and peace, drastic measures must be taken.  The truckers’ play on words of Trudeau’s father, is shallow thinking.  

Quotes from—The



Written by Bernadette Massiah.


ONTARIO Premier Doug Ford finally realize how ‘extremists can opportunistically redefine and hijack existing issues, holding their peers accountable when they normalize and accelerate narratives.’ Forced to recognize trucker convoy actions for what it is–harm to our economic lifeline–he is calling the protests in Ottawa a “Siege” and an “illegal occupation.” And will enact orders making it illegal to block borders and highways and impose $100.000 fine and prison terms who defy them.

IT IS time that lawmakers rewrite some rules of law to meet with current times. Peoples’ attitudes have change, no longer will they sit back to wait on changes. The right of free speech and assemble is there’s to use. People know this. What is now needed to implement is an allowed time to end assemble of expressions geared to protest of any kind. Had this been a Rule of Law, what is being observed in Ottawa would not be taking place right now, after two weeks.

TIMELINE given would have seen the assemble of truckers convoy gone by that given time; not done, with fines issued.

TORONTO’S assemble was a short period, thanks to law observers of Ottawa’s situation. So many opportunities given to learn and to make changes, some governing still don’t see the necessity to rewrite the rules.

THERE’S a time for all things under the sun. It is time for some Rules of Law be reviewed, rewritten and implemented.

Insight from The Globe and Mail.


By Bernadette Massiah

DIVERSITY is the growth of what Canada is to date.

PEOPLE CHANGE as they grow, for better or for worse from what they see, and how they are treated. Most have faith that their sons and daughters as they grow will have the courage to realize that real strength does not belong in numbers, but rather with the one/ or ones who stand up for truth, right, and justice.

Shorter or longer life who knows?

THIS IS not about race; we are in this fight together. The rules are simple, if you are not vaccinated, has a job, and must be among the public get the vaccine, be tested and quarantine, or prepare to lose your job; wear your mask and gloves if the case maybe.

THOSE STANDING to protest against vaccine, is guilty of sabotage against their own health, because when a system is over crowded, and the workers are burnt out, care received is not (quality) at its best, leading to death. People are dying daily not only due to this virus but will be if they cannot get life saving surgery. The medical system with its team of scientist have done the best they could to come up with a solution that is not full proof but is helping to alleviate the severe symptoms associated with this virus. Those standing with the protesters who are not native Canadians, Citizens, or Immigrants of this country–Canada is destroying our home. From actions not instigating peace but rather conflicts leading to separating of families and friends.

THERE IS a scripture at Luke 14:28 that asks, “Who of you who want to build a tower does not first sit down and calculate the expense to see if he has enough to complete it?”

TO THE ORGANIZERS, have you people give thought as to bathroom breaks, food, and weather conditions before your undertaking this task of invading Ottawa?

WRITTEN AS confirmed, “some convoy protesters harassed and pressured workers of a local shelter, the Shepherds of Good Hope for food.” What is being observed in the capital, is disgraceful–the noise, the filth (defecating on property), the congestion–are actions expected from unruly children, lacking understanding. Just as respect for freedom of speech that is given comes with restrictions, so it is with respecting the facility, home or country of others. Given access into your home does not give the person/ or persons the right to do as they please. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says, “Freedom of expression, association, and assembly are corner stone of democracy, but Nazi symbolism, racist imagery, defecation of memorials is not, it is an insult to memories.”

TO THE TRUCKERS, some of you may not have a job to go to as did express by some. But those who live here and have a job and who may be suffering from insomnia need to get to their place of employment or perform from home, is not being able to function properly due to your disruptive behavior.

YOU HAD your time, your say. You need to take your concerns to your companies, for it takes TWO to make things work. It is time to leave peacefully allowing Canadians to get back to their lives.

LOVE UPBUILDS and take hold of its responsibilities moving to peace.

Those who disagree with me may leave a comment.

Video Clip, Quotes are from Global News – Sean Boynton



HAD A DAY that kept me back and fort with thoughts I had rather not dealt with.  Living in an apartment, those around seem to be out to kill me if not send me crazy.  And their intention I intend to fight for as long as the good Lord gives me the strength to wake each day.

Each word I write, each good intention to help those unaware of the psychotic game some are playing, they put a wall that I must jump.  I am working at getting my book out; a newfound career, but even as I try to push start my goal, I must deal with some who fear the truth of what I share will expose them for what they are—serum suckers and executioners of the poor.

THE REASON I take my thoughts to paper is so that what I say impresses upon my heart what I mean to say; my editing is done to perfect clarity of what was said for my readers understanding.  The second reason is to avoid conflicts of those who walk in the footsteps of the father of lies—Satan—who some still deny exist.  An angel who is capable of projections and an invader of the mind; some stands fearful of losing status by not telling the truth.  Those knowing this fact—lies—draws a crowd, money, and fame.  And those of weak minds will continue to be governed by the ruler of lies—Satan, for a time.

For it is written at 1 Timothy 5:24 as it is also stated: there is no secret hidden that will not be revealed in time.

MY WISH is that Until My Dying Day will encourage those that read its content to stand up for truth; will be enlighten from its content as they look within themselves to see, to find their own creative abilities.


WE ARE ALL leaders in our own domain.  However, not all are or can be business owners.  To be a business owner calls for many skill sets, especially in times like this.  Therefore, though you may be a jack of all trades, not a master of one there are many things to consider before jumping ahead.

BUSINESS SKILLS                           Versus DOMAIN OWNERSHIP             

Computer skillsBasic
Sales and MarketingLimited to extent
Purchasing skillsLimited
Motivational speakerMay or may not have skill
Accounting basic to extentBasic to extent
Reads lots of business booksReads less or more
Knowledge of hazardous addon toolsBasic to none
Consider what sets you apart

WITH THESE differences many who find themselves wanting to follow in the footsteps of their neighbor—Jack—needs to consider their resources and skills by asking questions that get to the core of their reason.

Is it because where I am at presently?  Perhaps you have outgrown your position and sees the boss incompetent for the growth of the company. 

Or you are tired of being bossed around?  If that’s the case, keep in mind while things may be at an advantage for your neighbor—Jack, it may not be an advantage for you.

A recent survey of American employees’ shows half of 2,000 employed Americans found 59 percent have contemplated quitting their jobs to have a letter of resignation written, but haven’t followed through with sending it to management. 

“”The common reasons are finding a new job that offers better pay (57%), better work/life balance (58%) and better working conditions (54%)””

 LOOK AT SOME service web sites, and you will notice the amount of advertisement for the same product.  Some of these business owners you will find fair in their cost could charge more, but don’t, because they are in business not only for the money, but sincerely to provide a service dear to their heart. Making this scriptural truth factual: There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

While others, whether their work is excellent or bad, their cost is astronomical.  They are the ones in business for the money, and don’t really care about customer satisfaction.  Some of those you will find do business in a deceitful manner.  Knowing how to dodge the law of conducting business, and lawyers that cleverly write their contracts.  And with the courts you’ll find, some judges like the underhanded business owners don’t give a fair judgement.

Business owners are stressed; time, money, and effort not being paid off brings a new problem onto society—mental confusion with psychotic behavior.

KEEP in mind although we are all leaders and owners of our domain, not all are cut out to be business owners.

Written by Bernadette Massiah

January 29, 2022.

Employee survey from

Free photo from


Train a child from infancy so when he grows old he will remember!

ONCE a child, I thought as a child, played, and made cranks on others as a child; those days gone with remembrance of lessons learnt.  Now, I speak to you from this position of higher intellect.

We are here to be taught and to teach. 

TECHNOLOGY has opened a New World.  More than before many have become creative in the way of conducting and doing business.  Technology has allowed for the freedom of information and the opportunity to nurture empathy.  However, with this newfound freedom comes intrusion into our lives not expected.  Social sites and businesses are hacked into, and personal information gather leaves some vulnerable to the lazy one’s way of manipulation to feed off one’s (my) hard work.  A business by the wiser as they recruit and train those eager for wealth and fame. 

CHILDREN around the world are raised differently—no doubt, however there’s a few fundamentals that must be instill within a child as they grow. They are: To greet each day with appreciation giving thanks to God.  Not to speak to strangers.  Saying thank you to those that give. To knock before entering a room.  To show respect with the words please or may I. To be content working with what they have.  And to work for what they need.  With these fundamentals the world will be a better place.  Teach them not to allow the dishonesty of others to push them to do the same.

 For the day of defrauding is soon ending and those caught in it’s trap will perish.

IT IS TIME credit be given where it is due.  A person who does not take his responsibilities seriously is one who looks for clutches.  Someone to blame for his/or her poverty in life.  The Government cannot be blame for everything; for the systems in place that gives financial aid, should be sufficient once each one keeps a simple eye.  For greed is what stabs all over in pain.

 Each one makes mistakes and that includes a group, an organization, and a people.  As, each need to look past the failure or injustice done by their peers by showing better judgement in situations.  This should not be in the case where a group, an organization or a people injustice is seen towards an individual.  The support of those who can see the disadvantage of such groups needs to step in, with support in helping to bring about the change/or changes fighting for.

Appreciation for social sites (as an example Facebook) that allows for the share of our voices, organization, and fight for equality be given an applaud. 

Regardless of age, and intelligence some of us daily fight a battle against those in certain position for our survival.  I speak from experience.  It is not mentally easy when innocent of the wicked deeds of others.  Our struggles and pain tell us we are alive.  For an enemy does not pursue some one dead.

 I am alive!

PARENTS, if you an adult are experiencing difficulties imagine what your little ones are going through.  Communicate with them and draw them to God’s way of handling situations in a manner that shows kindness and exercises justice. 

Teach them to speak out and stand firm against violence as you show them that example.  Children as do adults look to others for inculcated examples.  Unfortunately, some children do not filter out the bad examples, and depends on the age of the child the bad ones leave an impression.

Teach them that the risks they take will come with consequences.  We must take risks in our lives, but to use logic.

A reminded thought from Swami Vivekananda I once read when taking risks is this: If they should win, they can lead; if they should lose, they can guide.

Therefore, there is no shame, as we are here to learn and grow from our experiences.

WE are like flowers that beautify a garden, however, not all can thrive together in one place.  To maintain survival and growth some must be separated as too much sunlight or water will destroy them.  So, it is with humankind in the sense of growth.  Some of us need to be among others like our selves seeking knowledge to know the whys and how something applies to (each one of) us.

Remember the days of your youth to now a woman, a mother, or a man, a husband.  Don’t look back at what should have been done to make you a better person because no matter the teaching, in the end the choice was yours to make.  To walk back is to never move forward.  A person can only look back to change what is in the present.  We, each has made mistakes, and had each the knowledge that is now available better decisions, better choices would have been made.  Some of us would not have been so comfortable in our privileged, access, and benefits that desensitize the cry of the oppress from our ears to assist in their survival. 

NOW is the time, although things may look bleak, for us to use the resources at hand for peace, growth, and prosperity.  Act as mature adults using technology in the way it is meant to be used, to move each other forward.

Written by Bernadette Massiah

Dated: 2022-01-18


For the one that does not practice mercy will have his judgment without mercy. Mercy exults triumphantly over judgment.


on narcissism I was moved to look into the meaning of different kinds of love and how one tend to express them in real life circumstances.

the six stems from love’s root are first being the primary Love and is defined as: An intense feeling of fondness or attraction deeper and stronger than liking, especially when associated with a romantic or sexual attachment to someone; that’s love’s meaning.  From that emotion comes the other six listed below.  Agapic love which comes from the Greek word a-gápe

  1. Agapic love: A secondary type of brotherly love that is altruistic and selfless and is a combination of erotic love and storgic love.
  2. Erotic love: A primary type of love that is passionate and erotic being rooted in sexual attraction
  3. Ludic Love: A primary type of love that is playful and flirtatious
  4. Manic Love: A secondary form of love that is obsessive and/or possessive, often being associate with jealousy and is a combination of erotic love and ludic love,
  5. Pragmatic love: A secondary type of love that is practical and utilitarian and is a combination of Ludic love and storgic love.
  6. Storgic love: A primary type of love that is friendly/affectionate and is based on caring and nurturing.

We are born with the ability and the need to give love and as we give, we also yearn the feeling of it from others.  Some who have been hurt in the past will only go to a certain degree in expressing this emotion.  A degree that will not make them venerable to really express their true self as their emotion are hidden behind their shyness to express themselves or fear of being emotionally hurt again.  On the other hand, some will express this emotion by aggression, which stems from jealousy of the person they deeply care for whose interest in them is not of the same.  This emotional aggression leads them to playful mental games, that leads to personal possession—in their mind—for the other person who may or may not have the notion of the narcissist intension; could care less of what his/or her goals are.  Possessed by their own[Manic, Ludic and Erotic love] emotions for the other person, their mental state becomes fogged to understanding the damage their action/s causes the other, and so they continue in their world consumed with ideas of revengeful actions to get the other to succumb to their manipulation to the point of receiving sexual gratification from their subject/victim—who were less the wiser to seeing their intended fall.

Most…if not all churches teaches their congregation to have the type of love Jesus has for his followers, that is called Agapic, which comes from the Greek word a-gápe.  This type of love is altruistic and selfless, passionate, friendly, and affectionate.  However, Agapic love can be challenging not only because of our imperfection but lack of being balance with and in our emotions.

To explain…if one is not emotionally strong with the emotions that over comes them, they could fall into temptation by committing the sexual act with the one attracted to.  When one is in their emotion, meaning, to be in one’s total state of consciousness, then they are strong to not be overcome by their sexual attraction that pushes to commit the sexual act.

In the case of a narcissists although having some mental understanding of his/or her actions that is damaging, even though he/or she has embodied their victim, without the victim’s self-awareness of the force actuating their mind moving to act out of character, the narcissist wins by the victim’s actions.  In the sense that what quote the elite-class unquote in society concludes as actions not professional—damages the victim’s opportunity within society—judges, that are ignorant of a behavior and if not wise to look at the actions leading up to the victim’s cruel act, puts them away, locked up in a world they do not belong.

Leaves to think how many within the systems that write, implement, and run these organization are narcissist.  One’s who take the power granted to them misuses it by their unbalance ruling or to satisfy their ego by their display of power to save or destroy.

To understand the stems of love, one will be able to form genuine relationships that are healthy.  For knowledge appropriately apply saves life. 

There is a saying that there is someone in this world that is meant for another, and it is only a matter of time before a narcissist finds a love that was meant for them.  

Written by: Bernadette Massiah.


Climate change is one area where there’s a real dialogue in working together.

Today we are moving from a history of theory and practice in personal growth and challenge to a responsible consideration of social change.  The challenge of this New Age lies in a process of transforming fear—which means we must face our responsibility, or flee from our responsibility—and we have no room for thought, we have to face our responsibility where climate change is concern.  We must turn our suspicions into trust between people, and this can be done through a process of re-education of people, beginning with modeling of new forms of government leadership.

In the Transformation as Sandbox Syndromes, in Gary’s opinion, “conditions do not need to be changed, people do.  The proper task is for people to adjust themselves to their environment to the extent they can accept them and not be distracted by them to the extent they can fuse facts and value through acceptance.”  We have got to change the way we had always done things such as the way our diseased, deceased are buried, our reduction of carbon emission, our overuse of energy, and our callous attitude towards the environment in whole.  The Greeks have a notion of how people bring about their own destruction and that is by overstepping limits; this notion stands correct in our day, we have overstepped our limits, and change needs to be done now.


Kerry’s mission ‘“As President Joe Biden’s top international climate official, is to convince China to abandon coal as a power source and go carbon neutral by 2060.  ‘”We have an opportunity to have positive impact in Glasgow, but it really depends on choices at this point that China makes because we’ve made our choice,” Kerry said. “President Biden has put America on a course to have 50-56% reduction,” of carbon emission relative to 2005 levels by 2030”’  Biden’s own decarbonization goal has not yet been met.

President Trudeau at the Nations climate summit COP26 conference meeting has announced that he was cutting subsidies that help oil and natural gas companies operate and expand outside Canada by the end of next year.  The US, New Zealand and Costa Rica are also among a total of 24 countries signing the international statement of taking such action.  Will their commitment fail or succeed by 2050 deadline is to be seen.

Impact of climate change from 2010 to now have seen millions die from hurricanes, earthquakes and diseases and hunger.

Climate impacts-infographics-2018


Humanity future survival has tipped—on the scales of balance—to the point, where everything is at stake if leaders do not take Climate actions.  ‘“The unhealthy choices that are killing our planet are killing our people as well,” said Dr. Maria Neira, director of Public Health and Environment at World Health organization.”’

Research source CBC News and CNN.

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