IT’S been a while since on my website, safe to say I am well, and happy to have been occupied reading posts from those I follow here. Good day, and welcome!

THE days are ending so fast, bringing the months to an end; so much has happened lately, and I can’t wrap my thoughts around the senseless killings. It’s two o’clock in the morning, and I cannot sleep. I glance at the calendar to notice the date and realize that it will be Christmas day in a few days. So in the position of Santa…HO, HO, HAPPY HOLIDAY TO ONE AND ALL!

TIME away from the site, I have been busy trying to achieve my goal of publishing Until My Dying Day–the first book, a reality. The obstacles in the way have been like swords I have to duck, jump, twist, and run from, as some I have to deal with seem to be on a train whose destination is to initiate the mental destruction of lives. Using its passengers who are either intoxicated or mentally overpowered by its conductor’s mad course of instructions, they follow. As to onlookers, a victim’s situation is seen as overcome by mental issues too significant to handle; commit suicide or end the lives of others.

I HAVE NEVER been one to predict the outcome of a situation; what I ask those I speak to is to weigh the circumstances surrounding a problem to draw a logical conclusion. With that said, in viewing news highlights this morning, noted Elon Musk of Tesla’s other layoff of Tech employees might come amid the holiday season; Amazon is reportedly firing people gradually with a given option to exit the company voluntarily; and Google, just like Amazon, also said to be planning to layoff 10,000 by early next year. With such news, it is evident that 2023 is a year that will find many in need and with stress. Some will overcome their adversities by being creative. Creativity will be in areas of technology’s simplicity used to help those less educated, like a website said to be created that will change the world as we know it with DoNotPay.com. A site designed for a person to find and be assisted in anything they want to know. However, with all things created, some will use the technology to their advantage, producing stressful situations in the lives of many to the point of destruction of self and others along the way. As excitement grows, we need to be aware of these upcoming sites. You may be safe if attention is given to how your personal information is being used. Usage will become as walking on the streets, our health and finance; and in a paradoxical way, our lives will be theirs to control.

AS the year ends, this is not only the time but also during this season when the memories of loved ones resurface. With the cold and shortened days of sunlight, our spirits dampen, producing heightened emotional hurtful and sad feelings. For some, even among others, a person still feels lonely and sad. Keep in mind that you are created in God’s image and likeness. You can choose to remain in your state of sadness or move to a state of joy, appreciation, praise, and thankfulness, for there are many who are less fortunate.

THERE is a possibility of an escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine becoming a world war as their countries’ dispute produces burdens on others which will affect people’s livelihoods, moving to political and economic strife. Therefore, this is the time when we need to reach out to families, friends, and acquaintances with given hope for the future despite a dark cloud over us all. Let’s raise our voices in giving praise, and speaking out against injustice as we assist each other in all that is good and well pleasing to our Lord.

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